Zephyr by Aryan Kalyanam

Aryan Kalyanam is an avid golfer, foodie, and dancer, but the young and upcoming entrepreneur has a passion for business he can’t hide. At the tender age of 15, Aryan has started his venture into the world of entrepreneurship with his trendy gastropub, Zephyr. Boasting of an attractive one-of-a-kind menu which features exclusive cocktails and delectable food, Zephyr has caught everyone’s attention. We chatted with the talented young man about the restaurant, food, cocktails, and his future aspirations. Read on!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Aryan Kalyanam and I study at the International School of Hyderabad. I’ll be heading for my IB diploma course next year, after which I plan to enroll in a business course. I have always had a keen interest in business and although I love to study, I’ve always wanted to be out on the field, solving issues hands-on and pragmatically. When my father started Zephyr, I wanted to participate in the management, but because of my school workload, I was unable to. However, soon I got involved, developing relationships with the staff, and handling the back-end for the restaurant. Before I knew it, I had stolen Zephyr from my dad! (laughs).

For me, the most important part is to stay balanced, and I want to learn to do well academically while starting off my journey into the world of business.

Tell us about Zephyr.
Zephyr is a unique concept which is sure to leave people stunned. Everything from the cocktails to the food and desserts has been intricately created, even a common dish is sure to be made using an original recipe. We try to make sure everything is organic to encourage a healthier diet, which is why we make our own organic syrups for cocktails. We dig flavour out of nature, relying on natural sugars for sweetness.

How was it conceptualised?
Zephyr was the first restaurant to introduce the concept of gastronomy to Hyderabad. We always like to bring something new to the city, such as our other venture MOB, which helped us bring in Belgian beer to the market. We didn’t just want to do something commercially but also wanted to treat the people who come, to enjoy our food.

Can you tell us about the food served at the restaurant?
Our menu is a blend of multiple world cuisines, and has been crafted to include fusion dishes from all over while adapting them to fit the local taste buds. Our cocktails are different, featuring multiple distinctive botanical flavour infusions such as our hibiscus, lavender flowers, as well as saffron, cinnamon, and a host of other spices in an attempt to elevate the experience. We take the flavour and presentation seriously because not only do we want our customers to enjoy our food, we also want them to enjoy then entire experience – from the look to the feel and the ambience – which one can’t get anywhere else.

What are some of the dishes that stand out to you?
Our Mediterranean dishes such as the MEEZE platter are best sellers. In the cocktails, Two to Tango, Red Velvet, and the Alpine Yogi are unique and appealing.

What are your personal favourites from the menu?
Anything cheesy! I love all the cheese items, especially the Pollo Valdostana, which is grilled chicken breast coated with mozzarella cheese.

What are your future plans for Zephyr?
We are planning to expand Zephyr as a brand, with multiple concepts. With gastronomy being the first, we will surely experiment with new ideas and wow Hyderabad all over again! - Rubaina