Zendaya Open To A Little Mermaid Live Action Film

Actress Zendaya has said that she would be open to work in a Little Mermaid live action film. The actress revealed this news at the premier of Smallfoot on Saturday, confirming to Variety that the rumours that she is involved in a live action version of the 1989 hit Disney film is just that, a rumour… so far. She spoke about the fact that she is definitely interested in such a project, saying, "I mean, yeah, why wouldn't I?" she said when asked if she would want to do the film. She also gave away that though she stars alongside the star NBA player LeBron James in Smallfoot, the actress is yet to meet the legendary Lakers player.

Talking about the film and the message it imparts, she said: "Speaking your truth, following your heart... There's a million. And that's the idea, we all just want at least one young person to just leave and feel inspired and want to know a little about something else or someone else and just bridge those gaps."

The film also stars Channing Tatum as Migo, a Yeti who is convinced that the elusive creature known as a "smallfoot" really does exist when he meets a former TV personality Percy Patterson, played by James Corden. Gina Rodriguez, Common, Jimmy Tatro, Danny DeVito, and Yara Shahidi also star in the Warner Bros.' film, directed by Karey Kirkpatrick.

Picture Courtesy –Zendaya Instagram