Yum-azing Summer 2021!

Summertime calls for refreshing and cool vibes. And since our last summer wasn’t exactly fun and frolic, we hope that this year’s summer brings some much-needed rejuvenation and replenishment. To banish your summertime sadness, we’re setting you up with a few of our favourite sui generis eatables and drinks from top-notch places in Hyderabad. These drool-worthy options won’t let the scorch of summer dim your spirits.       - Aakanksha

Paan Bingsu 
If you love cold desserts from different places, Ice Frost, Himayat Nagar should be your next stop. Their speciality is the traditional Korean shaved ice cream called bingsu, which is served with toppings like fresh fruits or chocolates. Bingsu comes in a range of flavours like Ferrero Rocher bingsu, kiwi bingsu, mango bingsu, watermelon bingsu and our top pick – the paan bingsu. This chilled dessert, infused with lip-smacking flavours of a paan, is a delight for our sweet tooth. Ice Frost also has a variety of coolers and milkshakes to choose from this summer. 

Smoked Rosemary and Blueberry Cooler 
We’ll never say no to a cool beverage to quench our thirst in this stifling heat. Cravery Cafe’s signature cooler combines the deliciousness of fresh blueberries with a smoky rosemary flavour, refreshing you from within, sip by sip. While at Cravery, don’t forget to treat your tastebuds to their blueberry brioche – tender bread slathered with a blueberry compote made in-house, and topped with whipped cream. We can’t decide whether to have the rich brioche as breakfast or dessert... maybe both? 

A chill and refreshing glass of falooda enriched with soothing rose flavour is definitely the solution for any frustrations or hot-headedness due to the hot spell. Glocal Junction combines divine flavours in the drink with soft falooda noodles and healthy basil seeds to make a tempting dessert and a quintessential and thirst quencher. The dessert is a good choice to feel cool amid rising temperatures. Go ahead: give yourself a sweet treat! 

Mini Midas 
In the case of this ice cream, all that glitters is indeed gold! Covered with 24-karat gold foil, this exquisite ice cream is made with exotic ingredients like caramelised nuts, chocolate fudge, Belgian chocolate ice cream and charcoal ice cream, topped with genuine gold. The name of the ice cream is inspired by Greek King Midas, famous for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. If you’re on the lookout for a delicious and Instagrammable dessert on a hot summer day, check out this royal gourmet ice cream at Huber & Holly. 

Aloha Acai Bowl
Acai bowls are healthy smoothie bowls flooded with delectable toppings. The acai bowls at Sacred Earth Cafe are no less than a dessert while being full of nutritious ingredients. They source acai berries from Brazil to make fabulous plant-based bowls with fruit toppings and superfoods. Our all-time favourite is the Aloha acai bowl, which fits perfectly in our summer routine. It is blended with frozen mangoes and pineapples and topped with fresh fruits like pomegranate, coconut, goji berries and healthy granola made in-house. Nourishing bee pollen is added to the dish on request. The flavourful fruits scream summer, and all the ingredients combined make the acai bowl quite wholesome.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll 
Summer calls for all things cool, and sometimes that’s the case even when we are famished. That’s when cold, but still, mouth-watering delicacies come to our rescue. Posh Nosh’s Vietnamese rice paper roll is served as a cold salad with spicy chilli garlic dressing and a flavoursome Thai peanut sauce. It is also an appetising and yummy pick to satisfy your gut. Don’t forget to try the amazing and quirky concoctions served at Posh Nosh, like the Posh Nosh degree coffee, Lady in the Pink Dress and Kingsmen Old Fashioned, to name a few. 

Rasmalai Tres Leches 
This beautifully presented dish from Farzi Cafe is more than an ordinary rasmalai. Here it is accompanied by carrot cream and is packed with flavours to tickle your tastebuds. The pretty garnishing is done with the help of dry fruits and a rose petal net. The dish is a total stunner with its presentation and flavours that will make you want to savour it slowly. If you are looking for a mood lifter after a hot and tiring day, this dessert is your knight in shining armour. 

Bastani Sonnati Ice-cream 
Summers and ice cream go hand-in-hand. An ice cream that’s more than the plain Jane chocolate or vanilla is what you need this summer to really gratify your sweet tooth. This ice cream by Sofrehh has Persian roots, just like the rest of the dishes at the eatery. Known as the Bastani Sonnati, this saffron and rose flavoured ice cream takes your tastebuds on a sweet roller coaster ride.

Champagne Vanilla Panna Cotta 
Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that uses gelatin to form a thick cream and can be enlivened with endless flavours that suit your preferences. The Champagne Vanilla Panna Cotta at Feu is love at first bite. The aesthetically appealing dish is made with champagne sphere and champagne jelly crumbles with ricotta, which is also an Italian delicacy, and is finished with a scoop of strawberry or vanilla ice cream. Each element of the dessert is a tad better than the last. Feu Dessert Bar is like heaven for your sugar fancies, so don’t hold yourself back anymore!