YouTube launches paid service, Music Key

After spending months on revisions, YouTube finally unveiled its long awaited Music Key subscription service. This service allows ad-free and offline streaming along with offering full albums and complete discographies for many artists through a new Music tab on its website and mobile apps. The service will include music videos and video-free songs which means audio-only tracks for millions of songs that don’t already have official music videos.
The invite-only service also includes offline viewing and background music therefore even if you switch apps on your phone, the music will continue to play. Based on your interests and on what’s trending, YouTube will recommend playlists and will also include a subscription to Google Play Music, which has more than 30 million songs.
Invitees and beta testers will get a six-month free trial and pay £7.99 a month after and for other users, Music Key will cost £9.99 in UK, $9.99 in US and €9.99 in Europe. The ad-free and offline service will launch in UK, US, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Finland on November 17.

To request and invite and learn more:
-Devashree Goenka