Young and Dreamy - Sophia Azad Mahendra

She’s all of 17 but you won’t be able to tell by looking at her. Sophia is a 12th grade student and has already started working on her dream of becoming a model. From walking the ramp at a fashion show for You & I’s 10th anniversary to featuring in a fashion designer’s look book, she is trying her hand at everything related to modelling. Here she talks to us about why she wants to be a model and much more... 


You’re only in grade 12 and have already gotten into modelling. What made you decide on doing this? 
As a kid, I’ve always been intrigued by fashion. I still remember wearing my mum’s shoes and doing the cat walk around the house. So, in a way I always knew I was made for this.


Who is your role model? 
Cara Delevingne. She is a super model and a social activist. Super quirky and never afraid to embrace herself, Cara is someone I really correlate with. She is so confident that it shows on her face, and that’s the attitude to embrace in this day and age. 

What kind of modelling assignments do you enjoy doing? 
Editorial modelling is something I enjoy. I love wearing high fashion garments and being part of fashionable shoots for both established and upcoming brands. It is also something that suits my personality. 

Do you wish to pursue this as a full time career? 
I would love to, if given the opportunity. Modelling has always been a dream for me; I enjoy being in front of the  camera.

Any plans of participating in Miss India or any other beauty pageant? 
Yes, for sure, as my mother too has won a beauty pageant in her younger days. These pageants are not only about the glamour and the title, but also give a stage to voice opinions. Besides, you get to learn so much here; it acts as a stepping stone for your future. 

What are you planning to study in college? 
I am looking at the IT sector, something that involves network security, as today, everything is digitalised, and that puts our personal information at great risk. Considering everything is run by a computer today, the IT industry is booming and I want to be part of such an industry. 

Do you prefer modelling for still photography or walking the ramp?
I prefer photo shoots over the ramp as you can be creative while shooting by experimenting with the clothes, makeup, and poses. I have a lot of fun in front of the camera.

What are your other interests? 
I am a trained Kathak dancer and a certified drummer. Music is my passion and my biggest stress buster, though with exams and other assignments I hardly get time to dedicate to any of my passions. 

What is your favourite cuisine? 
Chinese or any other South-East Asian cuisine

Do you cook? What’s your favourite dish to make? 
I love baking and my favourite dish to make is actually a chocolate lava cake. I once made it for my mother on her birthday. She loved it!

What’s the one dish you can live on?
Sushi! I absolutely love sushi in any form.           ---- as told to Niharika