You&I Vol 16.15 September 2023 l Palak Tiwari – Rising Star l Wedding Special

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Huma bilgrami latif

Dear Readers,
In this edition, we’re thrilled to present a cover story featuring Palak Tiwari—an emerging star in Indian cinema. Her acting prowess and unmatched beauty grace our cover. From a young talent to a captivating presence on the silver screen, her journey reflects determination and charm. Debuting in Salman Khan’s Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan and soon in The Virgin Tree, she promises a bright future in Bollywood.
In the upcoming wedding season, our Feature Story unravels the evolving essence of modern weddings. 2023 witnesses a departure from extravagance to a heartfelt focus on honoring cultural roots. Attire, jewelry, cuisine, and festivities now resonate with meaningful tradition. Discover how love and heritage seamlessly unite, curating truly unforgettable celebrations.
In People in Focus, Raveena Mehta shines as a versatile artist, excelling in singing, fashion, acting, and songwriting. Her music, enriched by lyrical prowess, resonates deeply, touching global listeners. Her recent music video ‘Kho Jaun Main’ garnered over 1 million views in a week, underlining her impactful artistry.
Also in People in Focus is Prajakta Koli, celebrated for ingenious social media content, transitioning from YouTube to cinema and TV. Her relatable yet innovative content resonates with millennials. As India’s first Youth Climate Champion appointed by UNDP, she addresses significant issues like mental health and climate change.
In the Spotlight showcases Sandeep Joshi, boasting a three-decade hospitality career. As Area General Manager West India for Radisson Hotel Group, he shines through experience and dedication. In our interview, Joshi unravels his pivotal role and unveils the keys to success in the fiercely competitive field.
To commemorate 76 years of Independence, our Special Feature unveils seven Bollywood actresses who captivated through on-screen performances and international beauty pageant triumphs. These iconic names bring national and international glory, adorning crowns symbolizing their exceptional achievements.
Amid the dreamy wedding preparations, stress can soar. Our Mind and Body section offers tips to ease planning and ensure smiles on your big day. From haldi to mehendi, find sanity in our guide.
Lastly, our Wedding Moments section captures special photographs from Siddharth and Aishwarya’s big day.
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