As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

by mediology

This phrase is commonly termed with doing good to people, being the best person in this whole wide world to reap good benefits (blah-blah!!). Why doesn’t one think of the same when it comes to their own physical well-being? Your present lifestyle and habits will have a high impact on your future body. You might be young and healthy now, but with each passing day, your body is aging. Taking care of the body you live in is important to keep focus and mental stability. Sow these 3 seeds now, and nurture them each day, to enjoy (reap) a glorious harvest in the future!!
1.    Consumption
Consumption of a healthy balanced diet with right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is paramount. Make an effort to know what you are putting in your body. To increase your metabolism rate through the day, avoid foods which make you feel lethargic. Binge eating and drinking (a cheat day) is acceptable once a week but do not make it an everyday practice.

2.    Exercising
Exercising is not an activity only for the “fat ones”. It is as vital as food and shelter for all. Exercise your body for at least an hour each day and stay active to keep your physical being alive and kicking in all its glory.

3.    Beauty Sleep
When you are young, you can function the next day with barely 3 hours of sleep or even after pulling an all-nighter. This adversely affects your body and these “benefits” can be seen only in the future. Catch a minimum of 7 hours of beauty sleep to wake up refreshed.

Taking care of your body which is most definitely your own sacred temple, is just like making money for a stable future. Habits will not change overnight, it is a gradual process. So take a step now to live a life comfortably in your skin.

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