You & I – 15 January 2022 – Men’s Fashion Trends 2022 – Rohit Reddy

by pavan

Dear Readers,
Rohit Reddy’s journey is charted on a path of aspirations, hard work and consistent learning and growth. It’s the belief that success is not just acquired wealth, but what one has created from nothing and what that journey has made a person to be. On the Cover this week, and in the Cover Story, Rohit talks about his success, fashion, and fitness!
Though menswear may be considered to be in a state of flux, it’s personal, transgressive and that’s what makes it more fun than it’s ever been before. This more-is-more moment makes it surprisingly tough to identify trends. We’ve broken down the looks that appeared across multiple digital runways, social media feeds, and those we imagine that can be added to wardrobes. From streetwear to Korean fashion and everything in between, our Feature Story has got you covered.
In People in Focus, we have Rasika Reddy, a well known visual artist who is popular for her evocative watercolour paintings depicting nature. Her career as a professional artist spans over 17 years, and her impressive portfolio includes a series of high profile exhibitions. Read our interview with her where she gives us her take on art and her relationship with her work.
It’s a lot easier to stay chiselled if you’re a celebrity. From Ranveer Singh and Chris Hemsworth to Dwayne Johnson, they have plenty of experts to help them stay fit. But the truth is, you don’t have to be famous to work out like a star. Read our Mind and Body to try some of these male celebrity workouts and get red-carpet ready in no time.
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