Yoga Creates a Joy of Living

Most of us in this day and age spend our time thinking about our past or future or get engrossed into the world of social media and cell phones, but instead, we should unplug and focus on what’s going on in our body.

I have been practicing yoga from the age of 16 and have been following my passion that my father encouraged me to do. However, at a point of time, I took a detour and got into running and exercising in a gym, but soon came to realise that the deviation resulted in me losing my flexibility. I then joined Bharat Thakur’s yoga classes, and under the guidance of great trainers like Mr Livin and Mr Shinoj Vergese, I revived my passion for yoga. 
Yoga is a never ending pursuit and while in the process of reaching my destination of advance asanas, every intersection feels like a destination in itself. My intoxication for yoga is unfathomable; I keep ticking poses along with the clock to the extent of my dining chair, sofa, car, bed and even a flight. Everything converts into a yoga mat for me. It’s a total levitation; two hours of practice a day helps me mentally, physically and spiritually and gives me a high. Regular practice makes me calm, flexible and helps me relax. Yoga is not to be performed,it is to be lived; yoga is an awareness of the mind, body and soul. 

There are different types of yoga asanas and each of their benefits are immense. Asana is a physical practice of yoga which helps the joints and ligaments and aids in muscle strengthening through movement. Initially, it feels confrontational but once you start practicing it religiously, your body flows into the asanas like water. Combining breathing techniques with focus on these asanas, will help relieve stress and anxiety. My favourite asanas are the suryanamaskar, marichyasana, paschimottanasana, and bird of paradise and I can go on and on.

I can practice suryanamaskar at any time of the day and can easily do 108 to 216 within 38 minutes. It instantly energises my body and gives optimum pleasure. Every part of my body gets activated.

I personally recommend yoga for young children and hope to make it a fun exercise for kids. Meditation is also an integral part of our life as it helps to foster the ability to inhabit those very quick impulses .                                                             

Finally, I conclude by saying YOGA creates a ‘JOY of LIVING”. So on the occasion on World Yoga Day, I insinuate one and all to practice yoga and reap its benefits.         - Lata Reddy