World’s most expensive car key costs more than $500,000

No one could have ever predicted that there will be a growing market for bespoke luxury car keys! But yes, it’s true! The world’s most expensive car key costs more than $500,000! Awain is a luxury goods company from Finland that wanted to create the world’s most expensive and extraordinary keys for the most extraordinary cars in the world. This company recently unveiled a series of car keys, which are encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones. All the keys are produced in limited numbers and each of these precious stone-studded keys take about 100-300 hours to complete by the best of the company’s master craftsmen!

These ultra luxury keys are made with nothing but premium materials and are available in three versions – Quantum, Serenity, and Phantom. And what’s astonishing is that fact that the Phantom version costs more than an actual Roll-Royce Phantom! The Quantum version, which is priced at $55,000 has 3.6 carats of diamonds and comes with 175 grams of gold. At $90,000, the Serenity version comes with 20 carats of diamonds and 175 grams of gold. The Phantom version is the most expensive, priced at a whopping $500,000! It has 34.5 carats of tiny diamonds, precious stones, and 175 grams of solid 18-carat gold.    - Courtesy: