The World’s First Luxury Hyperscooter

Electric scooters have been a massive hit in the past as they offer a great alternative on congested streets. A reason why scooter sharing services have emerged, even though they’ve drawn quite a lot of criticism for the recklessness of some riders!

But if you’re a fan of scooters and you want to take things to the next level, D-Fly, a London-based company, has recently unveiled the world’s first high-performance hyperscooter. Called Dragonfly, this luxury hyperscooter promises to deliver a thrilling riding experience, combining a premium design with cutting edge tech and exceptional build quality. Dragonfly has modern design lines inspired by supercars or luxury sedans, with a sleek frame that’s sculpted from lightweight carbon fibre, aerospace-grade aluminium and carbon fibre-reinforced paulownia wood. The scooter also features automotive-grade LED headlights and turn signals, and high tech control systems inspired by formula 1 cars. It has also introduced a new patent-pending FullTilt technology that’s a new way to steer, using a 3D tilt and twist controls.

Never willing to rest on their laurels, D-Fly’s dragonfly also comes with a rotary-control throttle that allows you to accelerate or brake quickly with just one hand. At the same time, its dual independent suspension system makes sure you’ll have a smooth riding experience all the time. It is also powered by dual electric motors, offering both speed and stamina, with 1,800 watts at each wheel, which creates a massive torque while you ride this scooter at speeds of up to 38 mph (61 km/h). There are also a few safety features that everyone will appreciate, like geofencing that limits your top speed according to street regulations.     - Web: