World's first foldable phone

For all the gadget freaks out there, a California based company invented world's first ever foldable Smartphone.

Royole Corporation is known for manufacturing flexible displays and for the first time they have unveiled a foldable and an innovative phone known as the FlexPai Handset. The phone was launched at an event in Beijing. This new foldable phone comes in three different versions; one is with 6GB of RAM and storage of 128GB. The other version is 8GB of RAM with either 512GB or 256GB storage.  As far as the weight of the device is concerned it weighs way more than the Galaxy Note 9 or the iphone XS Max. The FlexPai's screen is durable and it’s unbreakable. It has a fabulous camera with high-end resolution, high contrast, and colour range for an amazing picture.

The company Royole Europe took to Twitter and shared a picture of the smartphone and captioned it, "Introducing the world’s first foldable smartphone, a stylish combination of a mobile phone and tablet with a fully flexible screen: the Royole FlexPai! For more information, please visit:".

-Akhila Kakarala
Pic Courtesy: Royole Europe Twitter