World's first 24-hour Ultra Low Emission Zone: London

The alarming rates of pollution emitted by vehicles are posing a great threat to our health and wellbeing. In order to address this issue, London became the first city in the world to introduce an Ultra Low Emission Zone.  

Under this new initiative, a seven day a week Ultra Low Emission Zone, vehicles must meet the tough emission standards set by the city. In case, they fail to meet these standards they will have to face a charge. The motive behind the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Zone is to significantly lower the amount of toxic air pollution and to safe guard public health.

The harmful nitrogen oxide released contributes to the increase in the toxic air, which in turn leads to the risk of cancer, asthma and several premature deaths.

To check if your vehicle meets ULEZ emission standards, there is an online tool designed by the travel authority Transport for London. Under this new rule, owners with vehicles that do not comply under the Ultra Low Emission Zone must pay a fine of £12.50 for entering the area every day. Bigger vehicles like buses and coaches, which fail to meet the standards, have to pay £100 a day.

-Akhila kakarala
Pic Courtsey: IANS