World Liver Day 2021 : Ways to keep your liver healthy

World Liver Day is observed on April 19th every year to create awareness about the importance of the largest organ of the human body.

Did you know that the liver performs over 200 vital functions in our body? Yes you heard it right. Besides being one of the largest organs, it also performs some crucial functions in our human body.

Vital functions of the liver-

1. Liver is responsible for the production of bile, which helps in the digestive process.

2. Liver plays a vital role in filtering blood flow in our body. It removes toxic substances and byproducts.

3. This largest organ is responsible for regulating the blood cloths

4. Liver stores important minerals and vitamins.

5. It removes excess glucose from the bloodstream and converts it as glycogen.

Everything that you intake will pass through your liver, hence for this reason it is crucial to keep this organ in good condition. In the present day scenario, due to unhealthy lifestyle habits a lot of people are suffering from liver diseases. Without proper care, it can be easily damaged.

Tips to keep your liver healthy-

● Eat a nutritious diet- One of the important steps to do in order to keep your liver in good shape is to intake foods rich in all the essential nutrients. Make Sure to include fresh vegetables like carrot, broccoli, cabbage  in your daily diet, eat a lot of green leafy vegetables and take dairy products like a lot of yogurt on a daily basis.

● Stay away from excess alcohol and smoking- One of the two main habits that play a role in destroying your liver is excess alcohol and smoking. Try to avoid excessive drinking and smoking.  
● Exercise- Along with feeding your body with nutritious food, it is also important to work out at least 30- 45 minutes a day. Exercise is the best way to purify your lungs from all the harmful substances. When you workout, it provides more oxygen to your lungs and fresh air.

● Drink green tea- You must have heard of the numerous benefits of drinking green tea. Did you know that it is highly beneficial for your liver? Green tea is known to improve blood flow and keeps your lungs in good health by removing all the toxic substances. Next time when you feel like reaching out for a cup of coffee, try to replace it with green tea.

Pic Courtesy: Pexel ; Pixabay