The World Best Air Cabin's for 2019 - By Rahim Latif'

Writer’s Note:
We are pleased to present the top 12 aircraft cabins for 2019. In assembling this list, we considered various perspectives and characteristics, including fine dining, seat features, colours, tones, and even off-board services. Sometimes it’s the essence of what flying should feel like, during the experience and on arrival. Luxury is obvious in each of these selections. As importantly, the guest must feel in harmony with the interior spaces, and should consider that when selecting an airline on which to travel.

The Air Cabins List:

1. Air France La Première – on Boeing 777 jet
When luxury travel can be tailor-made, it’s easy to understand why travellers are attracted to the jet-set life. The La Première first class cabin is complemented by the service at all of Air France’s official lounges, and it’s an unforgettable experience, especially if you are a fan of French cuisine! The à la carte menu offers culinary masterpieces that are hand crafted by Michelin star chefs Régis Marcon, Michel Roth, and Emmanuel Renaut. To complement this array of French dining, the exclusive selection of onboard wines rounds out the exceptional cabin service of the Air France experience.

2. Lufthansa Private Jets (NetJets)
The Lufthansa Private Jet, which is in cooperation with NetJets, is the ultimate prize for a voyage across the world. It comes as no surprise that onboard these private jets, fine dining is a huge part of the experience. Aboard these jets, the sensational selection of food defines the taste of luxury. Guests can choose from a staggering number of signature selections. At 41,000 feet, the culinary art displayed is as exquisite as those at a Michelin star restaurant. Another distinguishing feature is that limousine service is available on arrival, around the clock.

3. Etihad First-Class Apartment – only on Airbus A380 jets
Etihad is known for going above and beyond towards providing a glamorous and stylish experience in the skies; and onboard all of their A380’s, details are the keys to its success. Travelling onboard The Apartment with a companion from Abu Dhabi to New York, Hong Kong, or Sydney or even London, it’s a pleasure to sit back and enjoy the long-haul journey. Each apartment interconnects with the adjacent one, and is the perfect place for couples to escape. All suites aboard this Airbus aircraft contain private doors and full flatbeds for travellers to relax and enjoy their flight. The lounge is elaborate and tastefully done in earthy colours of brown and beige.

4. Emirates Executive – Private Jet Service
Over the past decade, Emirates has distinguished itself as one of the finest international airlines in the world. Exclusive private suites, onboard liquor service, and an invigorating shower at 41,000 feet – Emirates sets a standard to which some airlines can only aspire. It also has a fine dining restaurant where all meals and snacks are customisable, including the arrangement of the inflight lounge. While canapés and cocktails are what’s expected in the air cabin, each suite comes equipped with a personal mini bar and a large plasma HDTV for passengers to sit back and enjoy their very private space.

5. Cathay Pacific First Class – Long Haul Jets
Expect the sleekest of interiors aboard a Cathay Pacific flight. Be it the first class on long-haul sectors done in shades of beige or the high levels of personal attention to detail, Cathay is everything an airline should be. Passengers say flying with the Hong Kong-based carrier is always a hassle-free experience with lots of little perks built in. Boasting a unique culinary experience, Cathay Pacific is steadily enhancing its service.

6. Paramount Business Jets – Falcon 2000LXS
When boarding the Falcon 2000LXS, you’ll be warmly welcomed into the large, accommodating cream cabin upon arrival. Complementing these neutral shades are brown tables and an arrangement of cozy pillows. At a charter rate of USD 5,500/hour, the jet flies up to a maximum of 7,408 kilometres. Paramount is certainly known for their high-end jets, but the Falcon 2000LXS truly stands out as one of the company’s most valuable assets.

7. Emirates First-Class Suites – on Boeing 777 jet
Cruising at around 42,000 feet, Emirates’ new 777 First-Class Suite helps customers experience the very best in comfort in the sky. The rooms are customised with a virtual window to watch as the 777 jet lands into one of the atolls of the Maldives. In-room features the award-winning ICE service on one of the world’s largest digital widescreens in an air cabin, a private mini bar, lie-flat bed and interior decoration inspired by the national tree of the UAE. Each suite has noise cancelling Bowers & Wilkins E1 headphones, and a Byredo skincare collection to keep passengers looking and feeling their best.

“Relax in your personal, private space or invite a travelling companion
to join you for a meal prepared by our Inflight Chef.”

8. Saudia Airlines Business Class – on Boeing 777 jet
From on-time flights to excellent cabin systems, Saudia Airlines Boeing 777 really checks all the boxes. The angled seats in business class are designed in cream and brown. Its unfussy and understated design will appeal both to professionals and leisure travelers and blends well with the airline’s interiors throughout the rest of the aircraft.

Saudia is the perfect example of when design meets luxury. With a great selection of hors d’oeuvre, desserts and international cuisine from some of the best connoisseurs around the world, this airline will not leave you disappointed!

9. Four Seasons Jet
A well-planned trip to the Bahamas is only possible when the Four Seasons Jet is included. Featuring spacious comfort, flawless design, and accessible technology, this sleek black 757 jet is a true reflection of the Four Seasons hotels and resorts style. The jet accommodates 52 guests and can transport passengers to destinations including Morocco, the Seychelles and the US. Each seat is outfitted with a Mongolian cashmere blanket, noise-cancelling Bose headphones, and iPads. The 20-course fine dining experience is just the cherry on top!

10. Qatar Airways Q-Suite
One of the most intricately designed suites in aviation today, the Q-Suite is a one of a kind masterpiece, designed by Qatar Airways to leave you hooked on the finer things in life.  This eponymous airline has won a lot of fans – and its gourmet meals are just one reason. All of the suites are automatically turned into a top cabin restaurant with leading chefs complementing the luxurious first-class cabins.

11. Qantas First Class – on the A380
A380 offers Qantas First Class option that has perfect cabin spaces and eye-catching interiors. A first-class ticket on this airline will offer you luxuries you never even knew you needed. The flag carrier of Australia, Qantas delivers in most aspects, but its Michelin star-quality dining designed by Neil Perry is out of this world. Beyond culinary dining, there are the sensational onboard seats. All in perfect condition to create the ideal flying atmosphere, this cabin is composed of fully flat beds, adjustable lighting and window shades in calming tones and colours. It also has an in-seat massage and turndown service.

12. Singapore Airlines First-Class Suites –Boeing 777 jet
Singapore is a country known for its ability to deliver on the luxury experience, so it is no surprise that Singapore Airlines have a 777 first-class suite that makes traveling so stylish. Being one of the most luxurious ‘Air Train Cabins’ in the sky, these cabins are polished enough to look almost spotless. The in-flight entertainment and wide-screen TVs are designed to offer exceptional comfort for any traveller boarding the Boeing 777’s.