A World of Beauty - Emraan talks with You & I

If you scroll through makeup artist Emraan’s Facebook page and client list, the breadth of his experience is staggering. The man has worked with talents including Regina Cassandra, Lakshmi Manchu and Natasha Stankovic, and his work is instantly recognisable: clean skin, flushed cheeks and supremely glowing women. Emraan gave You & I some insight into what inspires him, what he loves most about makeup and how he celebrates Eid.

What made you want to become a makeup artist?
I have always said that my aunt (my neighbour in Kadapa, Rayalaseema) has been my biggest inspiration since I was a kid. She was this glamorous woman that never left her house without wearing makeup, and I was always drawn to it. I remember her putting on her lipstick, doing her lashes, and just looking stylish. I decided then, at the age of 15, that I would do makeup. And to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. I come from a conservative family that didn’t want their son playing with makeup; they preferred that I study and work. But in 2009 I left my hometown and shifted to Chennai, where I took a makeup course and started working with a beauty salon. A couple of years later I came to Hyderabad to hone my skills, and started working as a freelance makeup artist. In 2013, I was fortunate enough to work in a movie, Prema Ishq Kaadhal, where I met Vithika Sheru who, along with Sachin Dakoji, guided and helped me in the course of my career.

What are some of the hottest makeup trends this season, and your favourite ways to wear them?
Bright red lips are back in a big way, and this season it looks much cooler against bare skin. Just use a good concealer on your skin – no foundation, no mascara – and apply two coats of red lipstick.

Another trend I love this season is the electric blue eye makeup. I love to go smoky with cobalt blue, draw a heavy line of L’Oreal Paris Infallible Silkissime Eye Liner, Cobalt Blue across your lids and blend it properly. Or you can also mix and match a bright lash hue, like sparkly navy or orange. Either way, it’s going to make you look cooler this season.
If you could only buy one beauty product, what would it be?
Every woman would be different, but my favourite product – if I could only have one – would be MAC’s Ruby Woo or Mocha lipstick. These lipsticks are a miracle; there have been times when I don’t apply any makeup and just do a lipstick on my client, and the look changes instantly.

What are some ways to wear brights successfully?
The first thing to remember is to blend. For instance, if you are applying a bright eyeshadow to your lid, and if you are not blending it properly, there’s a tendency to look like a kid has done your makeup. So blend in the colours seamlessly to give it a more natural and fresh look.

The other important thing is not to colour coordinate with your outfit. The idea behind colourful makeup doesn’t necessarily mean to match it with your top or your belt. If you’re wearing a neon top and you apply neon eyeliner, you’ll appear too matchy-matchy. Instead, go for a colour that complements your outfit and your skin tone at the same time.

What’s the biggest makeup faux pas that people make?
It would definitely be wearing the wrong shade of foundation. What many people don’t understand when applying foundation is that it should complement your natural skin tone and not make you look fair.Just choose a shade or two that come closest to your skin tone, apply it on your jawline in natural lighting, and blend down your neck for a seamless finish.

Shifting gears now… how do you celebrate Eid?
Ramzan fasting and feasting are the most awaited events of the year for me. I read the namaz with my family and get friends to come over. In the evening, we have a feast where my mother makes delicious sheer khurma and biryani, which happens to be my favourite as well. No Eid is ever complete without these items on the dining table.

What was Eid like for you as a kid?
I still remember how we used to celebrate Eid from the time I was a kid. We would get eidi (money or gift) from our parents and relatives – one of the few days in the year when we got money. We used to have friends over, wear new clothes and eat biryani, sheer khurma and an assortment of kebabs.       – as told to Anisha