The Wonders and Downsides of Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a widely accepted trend in skincare these days. Originating in the Korean beauty market, they have become increasingly popular in India, other parts of Asia and western countries too. It’s considered to be the hottest product in skincare currently because it claims to have hydrating, balancing, moisturising, calming, brightening and revitalising effects on your skin. 


The South Korean trend comprises thin sheets made of cotton and sometimes fabric and paper, soaked in nutrition-packed serum or hydrogel and individually packed. These sheets are in the shape of a face, with openings around the eyes, nose and mouth, so they sit perfectly snug. Sheet masks are one of the easiest and most convenient skincare products. All you have to do is open the packaging, apply the sheet on your face and leave on for 15-30 minutes. Once dry, remove the sheet mask and massage the remaining serum on your face and neck and let the awesomeness soak in! It is suggested to not wash your face after use as it’s best for the serum to remain on the face. Wiping off excess serum is advisable with tissue paper. 


These sheets work wonders for dry skin, but are also great for oily and combination skin. They provide hydration for dry skin, brighten dull skin, and nourish and balance combination skin. The serum in these sheet masks are packed with vitamins, minerals, and aloe vera, pearl and seaweed extracts that are great for the skin. Some sheet masks are packed with other ingredients such as rose, orange, red wine, snail extract, rosemary, etc, all of which have different properties that in turn have different effects on the skin.


While sheet masks are liked by numerous beauty bloogers and vloggers worldwide, dermatologsts are of the view that they have more to do with a feel-good factor than actual benefits to the skin. According to them, sheet masks have temporary effects on the skin that last for a few hours post application and cannot be replaced with other beauty creams and serums. Also, their objective is to nourish and hydrate but not exfoliate. 

So, if you’re heading out for a party or a celebration, apply a sheet mask for that instant glow! But remember, the effects only last temporarily, so reapply two to three times a week or as and when required for the benfits. Brands like Innisfree, Tony Moly, Nykaa, Garneir, The Face Shop, BeeBe Beauty, Kiehl’s, Skin Laundry, Neutrogena, and Glam Glow have some great varieties.    - Niharika Keerthi