Women's Day

Blazing a Trail - Deepika Padukone, actor and producer

There's no denying that we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender equality in India. But when we hear about the fierce women who continue to score remarkable achievements at work, it makes us think about how far these pioneers have come. But even as these women carved out spaces in their respective realms, many still have to deal with sexist stereotypes and lower earning potential ­– yes, the gender wage gap is real. Thankfully, there are plenty of female powerhouses who have dedicated their careers to challenging this stigma.

Though we celebrate women every day of the year, for International Women's Day, we commemorate the event by featuring women of Indian origin, especially those fighting towards gender rights, equality, and kicking through that glass ceiling. Chances are you may not know who some of them are (yet!). Here’s why you should!     – Anisha

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Google Doodle celebrates Women's Day

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The Unstoppables!

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