Women’s protest march in the US wasn’t only against Trump, but also injustice: Freida

Internationally acclaimed actress, Freida Pinto, who is of Indian origin, says the peaceful protest march on Donald Trump’s swearing in ceremony as the 45th US President was not against him only, but was a culmination of what many men, women, and children were feeling against widespread injustice in the country.

“One of the things that people grossly misunderstood is that the woman’s march was something that was against Trump only. It was the culmination of all things that men, women, and children have been feeling for such a long time – whether it comes to simple acts on freedom of deciding where they want to live and how they are going to live,” the 32-year-old, who is now based in Los Angeles, told IANS.

Thousands of women across the US came together for a peaceful protest march on the day Trump was sworn in last month. Many celebrities also extended support to the march.
The Slumdog Millionaire actress, who has been vocal about women empowerment in the past and is also known for her humanitarian works, features in a video Why I March, helmed by American director Nannette Burstein.

Trump has earned the ire of people from all quarters after his controversial executive order to temporarily ban entry into the US to refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority nations.
Freida says that nobody has the right to stop people from legally going anywhere.

“If they are immigrants, they shouldn’t be banned from legally going to any place where they could possibly have or start leading a better life. Even for LGBT communities, your rights cannot be taken away from you... So it was really a march to protest against all these injustices as opposed to just one person,” added the actress.