Winter Is Coming!

The cooler winds of winter are finally here, and although many love saying goodbye to the unbearable summer heat, it comes with its negative points as well. Even though the chilly weather has its own charm, it can also wreak havoc on your skin, to the point of cracking cheeks and lips! The cold air can drain the skin of its natural moisture, making it dry and itchy. Cases of severe dry skin, eczema, and psoriasis can also flare up during this period. This requires you to take extra care of your skin, so as to avoid all the negative side effects of this weather.

Many people are set in their ways when it comes to skin care, especially since it can be hard to find products that are well-suited to your skin. Some products may not be helpful to use in this weather, and could be harming your skin by taking away moisture and oils that are necessary to maintain your skin during the winter. And don’t forget to be careful about the skin products you are using on your children, especially infants!

If you don’t know where to start, and what products you should be looking for, don’t worry: You & I has got you covered. We got in touch with dermatologist Dr Radha Naik, a renowned skin expert based in the City of Pearls. Having studied dermatology from Mahadappa Rampure Medical College, and Cosmetic Dermatology from Kasamerad Hospital Bangkok, Radha has a solid 22 years of experience in the industry. She’s seen it all, and we were able to get some of her expert advice on why and how our skincare routine should be switched up for the cold weather. Keep reading to find out!

Look for Non-comedogenic Formulas
The first (and most annoying) effect of winter on the skin is typically the dryness and the itching. To battle them, you need to maintain a basic skin routine every single day (and we mean it!). It doesn’t have to be very elaborate; you can keep it simple and basic, but ensure that you use the right products for your skin to make sure it stays happy through this rough time.

According to Radha, the real challenge here is to find products that are non-comedogenic. This means that the product must be formulated so as not to cause blocked pores. Using non-comedogenic products will reduce breakouts, and help your skin breathe. You must also invest in some good quality hand washes, soaps, and lotions. Ensure that you use liberal amounts of moisturizer after a shower, especially for infants, young children, and the elderly. Adults may also add a good anti-aging cream in their daily skin care routine.

Vitamin E or Oil Massages
Radha explained that massaging olive oil, or even vitamin E, before a bath can be extremely helpful. This will promote blood flow, hydrate your skin, and nourish it, all in one! Radha further suggests that you oil your scalp as well! Vitamin E has been proven to carry many benefits for the skin and hair, as it is both a nutrient and an antioxidant. It will neutralise free radicals that damage cells, and can rejuvenate your skin and overall health. It is even considered anti-ageing, as it can help reduce the signs of ageing. Using vitamin E can also help treats dark circles, sunburns, and can act as a cleansing agent! Try pairing it with some honey and apply some onto your lips to treat dry lips. Versatility at its best!

Changes in Diet
Radha revealed that even our diets during this season can have an impact on our physical appearance. So what should we eat to keep our skin at its glowing best? Radha explained that nuts are extremely good for our bodies in the cooler weather, as they are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins, along with many other nutritional values that are excellent for the skin.

Nuts such as walnuts are high in protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. Chestnuts are chock-full of carbohydrates, as well as carotene, riboflavin, and minerals that help combat hypertension and coronary heart disease. Almonds contain amino acids, are rich in calcium, and carry a variety of minerals that will improve skin and overall physical quality as well. Another fun fact is that nuts help you keep warm during the winters!        

- Rubaina