Will Smith Song Releases New Track – Watch It Now!

Everybody’s favourite, Will Smith Song, has taken a step back into the world of music with a newly released rap track, ‘Get Lit’, along with a video to accompany it. The star used to previously indulge in the music industry but has not come out with a new album since 2005. With the new track, he is making sure to remind everyone that the actor and rapper has still got his mad skills. He also has his own Youtube channel ,where he has been updating fans on his daily happenings, which is where he announced on May 23rd that new music is on the way. “At my peak I was doing a television show, a movie and an album every year. What happens is a point where you get empty,” Smith confessed. “So I’m excited. I’m re-energized. I’m creating wildly like I used to,”

His fan following, which has never died down, got him trending on Twitter due to the rave reviews he received, showing immense support and excitement for the new track. His venture back into the studio, after 12 long years, has proven successful and everyone has been loving the new tune, claiming that his flow is still ‘sick’ after all this time. We are glad to see that the 49-year-old is still ready to pump out some groovy yet meaningful beats.

Picture Courtesy – https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/65/Will_Smith_by_Gage_Skidmore.jpg