Wildlife Weekend Destinations – Self Drive Adventure

The weekend usually translates to weary minds taking a break with Netflix binges and Nat Geo documentaries. And of course, the road trips that never happen come up in wishful conversations when the week starts again. However, with an affordable car rental, people of Bangalore can now skip the telly and have a rejuvenating weekend in the pristine wilds – last minute plans are the most welcome. Here are some of the best wildlife destinations that make amazing weekend destinations from Bangalore.

Kabini Reserve

Spotting a leopard in the wild is very difficult, but Kabini Wildlife Reserve is probably the best place in Karnataka to catch a glimpse of the elusive cat. In recent times, its most famous resident was a male black panther who captivated visiting nature photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Set in a riverine landscape carved by the Kabini Reservoir and River, the Reserve is also habitat to some very rare birds and amphibians. Located just 216 kms from Bangalore and filled with new eco-friendly resorts, Kabini is a great choice for those who want the balance of experience and convenience.

Agumbe and Someshwara Sanctuary

The rainforests of Agumbe and Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary are constantly erupting with life. An early morning birding session here is a memorable affair – the verdant slopes are home to some of the most colourful and unique species of birds. Some of the famous feathered denizens here are the Malabar Trogon, the Malabar Woodshrike, the Nilgiri Flower pecker and many species of hornbills. These ranges are also home to the lion-tailed macaque, the giant flying squirrel and various predators.   

Dubare Elephant Camp

Interacting with pachyderms up close is something that will always be memorable. Tucked in the deep forests of Coorg, a scenic 250-km drive from Bangalore, Dubare Elephant Camp provides this exclusive experience in a safe environment. Apart from the elephant interaction and fun, one can also enjoy a coracle ride and other water-related activities.

Call of the Tiger

Karnataka is home to one of the largest wild tiger populations in the world. There are plenty of options for tiger safaris near Bangalore. Bandipur National Park is 225 kms away from Bangalore, while the nearby Nagarhole National Park is also considered a good place for sightings. Located amidst the lofty landscapes of the Western Ghats, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is another good destination for wildlife trips.

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Discovering the lush scenery of the Western Ghats is an experience best done in total freedom and privacy, which only a self drive option can offer. Pack the backpacks, get behind the wheel and witness the circle of life in South India’s jungles.

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