The Wild 1034 Hp Naran Hyper-Coupe Is Ready To Go All Out

Although most big names in the automotive world have been working hard on coming up with cool and practical electrical vehicles that might compete with Tesla’s impressive line-up, supercar startup Naran Automotive has been teasing everyone about a new front-mid-engined hypercar. And the wait is finally over!

Simply called the Naran, this beast was designed to be a hyper coupe, inspired by GT3 race cars, and packing an incredibly powerful 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8.

Part of a very limited series of only 49 units, each Naran supercar will be individually tailored. Former Aston Martin Lagonda designer Kate Montgomery is in charge of materials inside the cabin. Well-known designer Jowyn Wong is responsible for the aesthetics of this supercar. The Naran features an interesting front splitter and rear diffuser, functional side aero blades, and 22-inch hybrid-carbon alloys.

This car will do 0 to 60 mph (96 km/hr) in under 2.3 seconds and will keep going until reaching 230 mph (370 km/hr). Official figures state that the aero package produces an astounding, industry-leading 1,377 kg (3,035 lbs) of downforce, while the all-wheel-drive system will work hard to achieve incredible levels of performance. The race-derived double-wishbone suspension – adjustable, as you might imagine – as well as the Ohlins four-way adjustable racing damping system, a hydraulic steering rack, while carbon-ceramic brakes will handle braking efforts.

This incredible car is all set to debut sometime next year.       - Web: Luxatic