Why Still Taboo

We are a developing nation with serious concerns at the forefront, and then come our attitudes towards sensitive issues like child labour, sexual freedom, rape. We are a conservative country, and it’s not easy to let go of those roots, some by religion and others by society. So let’s look at these five issues which are definitely still taboo in India.

Whether you are rich or poor, when it comes down to talking about money, we don’t. Imagine a situation where the bill arrives at dinner. Irrespective of whether the bill will be split or someone is treating, everyone is grim and silent. Salaries aren’t disclosed because of similar judgments.

People are ashamed and will continue to be unless the next generation takes the initiative to talk to their children about it. Leave that aside, even a casual conversation about sex handled with maturity and knowledge will do to break this taboo.

When someone attempts suicide, however much you wish to ask them why or talk about their problems, you won’t. You will pretend to put up a calm face, but rationally you must talk to that person so as to know the state of their mind.

If it’s marriage, you are invited and welcomed with sweets, drums and crackers. But you will not hear from them if it’s divorce. Does this mean that the relationship is so meek and materialistic that we only get to share happiness and not grief?

So many issues relating to women have become taboo like menstruation, rape, freedom, abuse, education and clothes that it’s useless to name them individually. Let’s just have women as the root. Criticism is bound to come their way, and women have more or less learned to live with that. Let’s treat them like equals so that it changes.