Who is Mandira Bedi’s inspiration?

Mandira Bedi wears many hats – over the years, she has reinvented herself from being the lead actress of Shanti – an iconic TV series to hosting ICC Cricket World Cup for five years, being a fashion designer, and a fitness icon with workout videos on social media. In a recent interview, Mandira Bedi confessed that the reason and inspiration behind her multitalented personality is her husband – Raj Kaushal who constantly inspires her to fly high.

She said, “My husband is the wind beneath my wings. After my parents, the one person who believed in me -- more than myself -- is my husband. I come from a background where I have no acting experience and when I did Shanti, I got a lot of support from my parents. If I have managed to continue with my career in the entertainment business for so many years, it is definitely thanks to the constant support of my husband. Every time I thought of doing an experiment as an actor, my husband said I could do it.”

In the new season of Kiska Hoga Thinkistan 2, which is streaming on OTT platform MX Players, Mandira Bedi is seen featuring along side Neil Bhoopalam and Naveen Kasturia. Talking about her character in the show, she said, “It is one of the most lovely characters I have ever played where a woman is the helm of all things and still loved by everyone. She really gives credit and encourages youngsters to grow… I remember when I was an intern in an advertising agency right after my college days I saw how the ad world works. Somewhere I tried to bring those elements in my character.”

Mandira Bedi

Today, with the constant talks about feminism and equal opportunity for both the genders at workplace, Mandira said, “I have grown up in an environment of equality, so feminism is equality for me. I am married to Raj (Kaushal) for last 20 years very happily, (and that) is only because we are in an equal relationship. He is my best friend. My father gave my brother and me equal opportunities while growing up, whether in education or choices. I chose to get into media and not business study like my brother, who is an MBA. I never had the aptitude and my communication skill has been strong from the beginning. My parents encouraged both of us to study what we wanted to. So, I think when we talk about feminism, it should not be about male bashing. I think people cannot imagine me with long hair anymore. When any acting project comes on my way and the makers need the character to have long hair, I go through the look test wearing hair extension. People just cannot identify with me (if I have long hair). Having said that, I might grow my hair a little more after a while.”      - IANS