If you’ve managed to take some time out and have gathered the courage to travel abroad, the best place to visit right now is Dubai. The Emirate has some pretty strict testing rules and follow safety procedures so well that it’s probably the best bet to opt for Dubai in Covid times. We’re here to sort you out on places to eat at in DXB with our list of Top 5 recommendations, just in case your favouriterestaurant there has shut shop and you aren’t as well-versed with the new foodie scene.

1. Netsu – Located in the lobby level of the newly opened Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Jumeirah, Netsu is a great place to dine out at and enjoy some flavours of the Orient. Known for their Japanese fare, Netsu serves some outstanding Sushi and Sashimi along with an impressive list of Sakes and wines. Their décor is traditionally Japanese, with pop-art centered around the Japanese art of Kabuki.

2. ShanghaiMe–A standalone restaurant in the middle of DIFC, ShanghaiMe is in a very Tony part of Dubai, with such glamorous neighbours as Sothebys and Cipriani’s a few steps away. Serving typically Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist, ShanghaiMe offers guests some truly mouthwatering Chinese food. A favourite of Sheikh Mohammed’s himself, ShanghaiMe has an outdoor seating area along with several PDRs if you are looking for some privacy. A giant portrait of Communist leader General Mao, hangs in the middle of the restaurant, cutting an ironic picture indeed in what is possible the globe’s most capitalist hotspot.

3. La Spiaggia–The BvlgariResort in Dubai has become the go-to spot for billionaires and high-fliers and is a great place to indulge in some people watching. With its own marina and private beach, the resort has some impressive eateries, one of them being La Spiaggia, where one can enjoy some outdoor fresh air and partake in typically Italian food. A stone’s throw from the hotel’s beach, this is a great place to enjoy a candle-lit dinner and a stroll post your meal.

4. Nammos–Though not exactly brand-spanking-new, Nammos, the Greek restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jumeirah, has managed to keep up with the competition and in many ways beaten them hollow. Given its impressive guest list and OTT client list, this is a place to see and be seen. The food at Nammos is centered around sea-food, so do not venture there if you have allergies. Fresh fish, imported from Greece, served alongside nouvelle caviar dishes make the food at Nammos breathtakingly unique. Be prepared for the breathtakingly unique bill that comes at the end of the meal as well… if you get what we mean.

5. Al Hallab– A very popular chain of Lebanese restaurants in Dubai, Al Hallab has several outlets across the city, though it’s their Bab el Behar restaurant that we’d like to recommend. This one is especially known for their sea-food and the Lebanese take on dishes revolving around fish and creatures of the deep. A particularly famous dish of theirs on the menu is a serving if thin slivers of smoked salmon, perched on a bed of lettuce leaves, sprinkled with Al Hallab’s very own secret sauce and chives. This is also a great place to indulge in some sheesha or hookah if you are so inclined.