What You Post on Social Media Says A Lot About You

The hallmark trend in social media is to show that people live a fault-free, picture-perfect life and they have sorted, divine and wise thoughts on life, circumstances as well as the political scenario. Along with your ‘physical being’, there is another ‘being’ that now exists and that is your ‘virtual being’. What many people portray on social media about them may not be the real-life they are actually living. Of course, content is there but without the context, the content is not real. Social media posts definitely show an emotional pattern about an individual user and this is how Celebrity Life CoachAnamika Yaduvanshiinterprets it.

  • When one posts too many selfies, it depicts that the particular user is too self-obsessed and wishes to get acknowledged and appreciated for their looks and poses. 
  • When one posts too many shares about things which one shops or expensive possessions, it shows the user’s want for others to notice a privileged status. 
  • When a user posts about all the dreamy and extensive vacations that he/she has had, it shows that he/she wants others to see how much fun they’re having and to think that their life is rocking. 
  • When you post romantic pictures with your partner, it shows that you want to prove to your followers that you are loved and important in your partner’s life. 

Posting a mix of all these is just simply to share joy and happiness with others but posing a particular two or three kinds of pictures, shows an emotional pattern. People who see all happy pictures feel the grass is greener there which may not be the truth. Also, the kind of comments and captions that people use says a lot about their personality. So, mind what you share and comment on these virtual platforms as your image is being formed.