What weddings will look like in 2020?

Has it been just a few months since you got engaged? Have you been planning for the perfect wedding you have always dreamt about for years now? Then the most unexpected event happens and changes everything. We are surely in the middle of a pandemic with so much uncertainty as to what the future will hold for us? But, this shouldn’t stop you from planning your big day.

If it was just like any other year, then there’s no reason whatsoever to think twice before planning your dream wedding but since it’s not a normal year, it might be a little challenging to organise your dream wedding, while following all the safety precautions. 

For years now, weddings in India have always been about big gatherings, lavish spread of delicious food and wearing exquisite outfits and jewellery. Due to the pandemic and precautions in place, this trend has changed significantly.  Having said this, it doesn't mean that you have to postpone or keep your wedding plans on hold.

With everyone quarantining at home,  what can be a better time than this  to start thinking and planning about how to organise an intimate wedding. The first and the foremost step to do before planning is to determine what are the aspects in your wedding that might be important to you, your partner and your family. Making a list of the three must have or biggest wishes for your big day will help plan better.

Undoubtedly this pandemic has made a major impact on the wedding industry. Several event planning companies, vendors and the brides-to-be have adapted to the new wedding trends.

In this article, we give you a rundown on the most popular wedding trends of this year- 

Micro weddings
Due to the increase in the number of covid cases and safety precautions in place, one of the major changes that have happened is that weddings are no longer celebrated with large gatherings. Several people have started considering mini ceremonies with minimal guest lists. On the bright side, micro weddings are indeed a great idea as they not only save money but also cut down on elaborate planning. Small weddings also provide an opportunity for couples to plan their budget for more personalization services to be offered to guests at the venue. 

One of the essential aspects to consider while planning your wedding is food preparation and service. There has been a shift from elaborate Buffet and family style meals to  a simple sit down plated meal.   Keeping the safety measures and social distancing in mind, the best thing to do is to arrange for sit-down plated meals. This is a convenient way to avoid long queues. Moving forward, seated meals will be the new trend. Coming to alcohol, there has been a shift from bartenders serving from large bottles to individual prepared glasses for guests to take for themselves. 

Change seating arrangements
An important aspect for both the event planners and the hosts to keep in mind while planning for the big day is seating arrangements. All the tables and chairs need to be placed further apart than how they used to be earlier. Not only will there have to be  a change in the seating arrangements during serve of food but also when guests are watching the ceremony.  For those of you expecting your elderly relatives  or people whom you think might be at a higher risk, make sure they are seated far away from other guests. 

As far as the venues are concerned, large conventional halls are no longer a thing. People started considering well-aerated open venues or their backyards as wedding venues. For those of you who are looking into open venues,  you may do so via virtual tours and meet with the venue team through video call. Keeping the safety precautions in mind, all the wedding venues have introduced strict cleaning and sanitization measures. 

Safe wedding favours
There’s no longer a need for couples/guests to spend money on buying expensive gifts. If you're the bride-to-be and are looking for fun ways to thank your family and friends for making the event a memorable one, then you may want to consider wedding favours that are completely safe. Some of these are- Personalised hand sanitizers, masks, and emergency kits. Not only will the guests receive safety kits as gifts, but they will have access to face masks, gloves and sanitizers at every corner of the venue throughout the event. 

More emphasis on live streaming
Another popular trend that took place post covid is people are utilising digital media platforms to stream their wedding ceremony for family and friends, who cannot attend the event. Also there has been a great demand for e-invitation. 

This pandemic will surely change the future of weddings. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer have your dream wedding, you’ll just have to do so with a few safety precautions in place.            -Akhila Kakarala and Pic Courtesy: Rana - Miheeka: Reels and Wheels and pixabay.com