What are the do's and don'ts' when you are in Barbados?

Without any doubt, Barbados is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Crystal clear water, breathtaking beaches, mixed culture and everything that you can count on that make the island a perfect destination spot. Though it is a tiny island with a limited accessible place, you can get the best that your eyes have ever witnessed. Homes in Barbados are available for renting so that you can explore the island better.

While you are on a vacation in Barbados, you should always keep a few things in mind to make the best of your vacation. Here, we are talking about a few Do’s and Don’ts’ to keep in mind while you leave for an amazing vacation to Barbados.

Do's in Barbados

These are the list of dos' in Barbados

Pack Aqua Shoes

As much as the beaches of Barbados are pristine and clear, the sands have a lot of marine creatures nesting in them. While you step on some of these creatures, they get irritated and might start attacking you at one point. So, it is advised to pack a pair of aqua shoes while travelling to Barbados apart from the usual flip-flops.

Better to rent a car

Barbados is a small island. You can prefer a car for travelling across the islands over a bike. A car serves you various purposes, like protecting you from the harsh sun, you can travel together with a lot of people at once and there are relatively a lot of options available at Barbados when it comes to renting a car.

Go Snorkeling

Barbados has one of the largest turtle populations in the world. Moreover, it is one of the cleanest islands in the world to not miss the opportunity of going for snorkeling in these islands.

Foodie's paradise

Barbados is definitely a foodie's paradise. When you are in Barbados, never miss to try out those lip-smacking seafood which are prepared using the everyday catch. Since the island is not heavily polluted, even some of the basic food items taste delicious. It is recommended to try out the local cuisines at Barbados.

Become a party animal

Barbados is one of those places where you can party till you drop. There is no limitation on the time for partying. You can party from night to morning. So, while at Barbados, use this opportunity of a lifetime.

Go on a catamaran ride

This is one of the best options for those who would like to be on the water but not under the water. The catamaran rides would provide you with the spectacular view of the crimson sunset falling on the blue waters.


Drive Left

The tourists find it a lot tough to drive on the left as they are used to drive on the right.

Don'ts' in Barbados

These are the list of things you should not be doing while you are in Barbados.

Never wear Camouflage

Camouflage is the latest trend, but it is forbidden to wear Camouflage at Barbados. So, if you are planning to look uber stylish by flaunting that camouflage at these islands, you should drop that idea.

Nudity not appreciated

Not all the beaches in the world support nudity, there are certain places that are cool with nudity, but Barbados is not one of those places. So, never plan to drench yourself in those waters without a decent pair of swimsuits.

Never go near to those manchineel trees

The manchineel trees look more or less like a green apple tree. When you are under the scorching sun of the islands, you might try looking for a huge tree. But, at the same time never take the risk of going besides the manchineel trees. The gum from these trees is very poisonous. They have the capacity to kill people too.

Never sit beneath a coconut tree

The coconut trees are omnipresent, but the ripe coconut trees at Barbados kill more than 100 people a year according to statistical reports. It is better to stay away from coconut trees while you are in Barbados.

East Coast is not fit for swimming

Not all waters are fit for swimming, that too the islands located on the Atlantic Ocean face some strong currents every now and then. So, it is advised not to swim along the east coast of the islands.

Do not feed the animals at Barbados

The number of wildlife species has drastically grown in Barbados due to the sincere efforts were taken by various environmentalists and biologists to maintain and preserve some of the rarest species. It is advised not to feed the animals at Barbados as they are very protective and get severely aggressive at times.

Do not stroll at uninhabited beaches at night

There are a lot of crimes that happen at late night. Your romantic stroll at the beach should not pave an easy way for the smugglers.


Carry a mosquito repellant

It is always suggested to carry a mosquito repellant on your trip to Barbados. Barbados is one of those islands which has a lot of mosquito menace due to the presence of a large number of stagnant water sources. It is better to carry mosquito repellant on your trip to Barbados to avoid getting sick.

Never light a flame in the beaches

While it is very common in other parts of the world to light up the sticks gathered from the trees and set up a bonfire. It is not really welcome in the islands of Barbados. If you want to enjoy a borne fire, maybe you should try out those offered by the hotels where you stay.

So, keep these tips in mind and follow them dutifully to make the best out of your trip to Barbados.

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