What’s In A Game – Part 2

Two consoles with incredible power were released in 2014, but video game developers have barely scratched the surface of their capabilities. This year, dozens of titles have already been launched, while hundreds more are scheduled for release. We pick three more of the most drool-worthy games of the year.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Geralt of Rivia is back for more in the third installation of CD Projekt RED’s highly successful action role-playing game (RPG) franchise. You control a silent man with mystical powers, facing fantastic beasts and violent sorcerers in a search for the Wild Hunt, a bloodthirsty army bent on destroying all it lays its eyes upon. The combat system remains fairly straightforward, but the size of the virtual world has been significantly increased. Improved touches and greater enemy difficulty should make this one of 2015’s best games on Xbox One (X1) or PlayStation 4 (PS4).
If you haven’t heard of Dark Souls, you probably play most video games on easy mode. For those who want not just a challenge, but a rough and cruel experience that will shake you and break you, Bloodborne is the spiritual successor to Hidetaka Miyazaki’s medieval dark fantasy epic. This time, set in a Gothic location resembling Romania or the Czech Republic, you must find a cure for a blood-borne disease that threatens to destroy the fictional city of Yharnam. Touted to be one of the most difficult games on the market, it’s available only for PS4.
Batman: Arkham Knight
Everyone’s favourite anti-hero is back for the most amazing, adrenaline-packed escapade of his video gaming career. Batman has to confront Scarecrow, who has launched an attack on Gotham City and sparked a massive evacuation. Using stealth, gadgets and his own sleuthing abilities, the Dark Knight must put an end to his enemy’s plans in a story mode that stays true to the DC Comics ethos. A new combat system and the availability of the Batmobile are sure to make this one of the most loved Batman games since... well, Arkham Origins.

..... Devashree Goenka