Weekends Are For ‘ME’

After a tedious week, one looks forward to a lazy relaxed weekend. Though you love your job, you will agree that ‘Sunday night blues’ is a common experience, making it easy to feel apprehensive about the stresses in store for you the next morning. Make use of your weekends instead of spending them cooped up in bed or sitting around like a couch potato on all your ‘off-days’.
Here are few activities you can plan out for your weekends:

  • Spend quality time with friends, family and your special onewho you take for granted the entire week. Make time to nurture these relationships. Have a meal, go to the movies, play board games, share experiences; anything that suits your fancy.
  • Getaway for the weekend and enjoy the joy of traveling to new places or plan day trips or picnics and soak in some Vitamin-D.
  • Nurse your hobbies be it sports, reading, writing, dancing, singing, painting and much more.
  • Sleep like a baby at night. With no appointments to keep or meetings to get to the next morning, get sufficient rest and rejuvenate yourself over the weekend.
  • Follow up on personal commitments such as replying to mails, writing letters (even though it is an uncommon phenomenon these days) or returning phone calls which you did not have time for through the week.
  • Volunteer with organizations whose work you believe in. Dedicate some time out of your busy life in helping those in need.