Wedding ideas for the Big Fat Indian Wedding Season


Big Fat Indian Weddings!
Indians are no behind in lavishing their money with stunning ceremony ideas. Want to know who was in the news lately featuring the India's big weddings? Whether they are Ruias or Mittals or Jindals, all are topping the rare cherry with fine cream into the hearts of people with their lavish weddings!

- Wedding Trends for the Techno People
Technology is what raging now all around us and the would-be couples do not miss any chance to favor the transformed epoch in any manner. How would you like your wedding blemmishing with trendy styles never been seen before? Whether its a first dance or the ceremony now techno groom and bride can make a style statement memorable on the wedding day with fun filled technology!

- Must-do Wedding Ideas

Simple yet most blemmishing moments to garland your wedding day are now very difficult to find out as of the the common practices followed by most of the people. Want to have something extraordinary for your d-day and here comes some prodigious ways to make you go heavenly.

- Northern-Southern Indian Wedding Wars

To say about the northern and sothern Indian regions they seem to be like seperate continents in case of food, religion, language, weddings, etc. Well if we talk about weddings its not neglected through their different customs and rituals. Northern with thier dhols and nagadas and spicy food in weddings and on the other side southern weddings, simply beautiful and with thier unique charming way, are the attention seekers around the globe.

- New Upcoming Destination Wedding Sites
Are you planning to get married?  Get bored of the old styles of getting married in banquets and other places and don't know where else to marry. Then why not a destination wedding? Ever heard Europe famous for its richness in culture and cuisine? Then you definitely heard right! Fantabulous places all over the Europe specially linked for their destination wedding are now in a small guide to explore you freely where to throw your d-day special bash.

- Eco-Friendly Marriage
Eco –Friendly Marriage is a beautiful way of making your wedding an environment friendly process. Such marriages make for a unique, appealing to the eyes, captivating ceremony. When more & more people go for   Eco –Friendly Marriages, it shows their love, respect & sensitivity towards Mother Nature.

- How to make Bride & Groom’s entry memorable?
 Weddings are pious ceremony which are celebrated in India in  an exquisite way. It’s that time of life. when a girl/guy  finds her soul mate with dreams of happily ever after. And the occasion has to do justice with her dreams of a fairy tale wedding . At the same time it should be an unforgettable vents for the guests who are invited  to the wedding. To make a wedding  ceremony successful, rituals should be done in a away that it gets imprinted in the minds of those present forever.

Among the various vital rituals on the wedding day, one such is like the opening scene of a movie, the entry of Bride & Groom.

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