Wedding favours that wow!

Wedding is indeed the most special day of our lives. From choosing the best location to stunning decor, and a lavish spread of food and drinks, we all want to ensure that everything is just perfect.

As the big day approaches and everything seems to slowly fall into place, if you’re wondering what else to do to make your wedding memorable, don’t forget about wedding favours! They’re a great way to thank your guests for attending and making it special for you and your family. The tradition of gifting wedding favours across various cultures dates back many centuries, and was initially started by the Europeans. The first favours were popularly referred to as ‘bonbonnière’, and these were nothing but fancy boxes consisting of candies that were given to guests by the host.

When planning a memorable wedding, choosing the right gifts is very important. The host should keep in mind factors such as the budget, the display, the theme of the wedding, and the value of the gift, as you don’t want to give your guests something that they will toss away.

So what are you waiting for?!Plan on getting these wonderful wedding favours for your guests.



When choosing gifts, it’s a great idea to save up some pennies, if possible. So who wouldn’t like picking or making wedding favours that are less expensive, yet still look elegant?

For traditional Indian weddings, instead of spending a whopping amount on buying sarees and jewellery, order or make elegant wedding baskets with less expensive items, like dry fruits, tasty popcorn, the traditional coconut or simply a flower garland. Small wooden containers or those made with cloth to hold kumkum powder are also considered great wedding favours. These days, even classy potli bags made with silk have become a favourite.

On the other hand, for those planning a more modern wedding, it is a great idea to incorporate budget-friendly gifts like mini scented candles, handmade boxes with Indian-flavoured chocolates, or small bottles of a variety of aromatherapy oils. Other affordable favours include small handmade soaps with attractive packaging, or a box of cookies with name of the bride and groom written on it.

Apart from giving take-home wedding favours to your guests, you can also consider setting up some budget-friendly wedding favours at the venue. If you’re hosting a cocktail party or a sangeet, try putting out individual tea bags in small envelopes with pretty labels on them. It’s a great budget-friendly favour that you can incorporate for all those guests who are health-conscious. And who doesn't love some tasty popcorn? Incorporate some healthy popcorn snack bars at your cocktail party and your guests will surely love it. And a sure shot way to win the hearts of all the ladies is to set up a bangle stand at your sangeet or mehendi function and let them adorn their wrists with colourful bangles and dance all night. For this, all you have to do is to collect a variety of bangles of all sizes and display them at the bangle stand.

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If budget is not a constraint, then end your big day on a high note with some of these lavish gifting ideas that your guests will surely not leave on the tables. The best hosts always keep the party going even when it’s coming to an end. A great idea to impress your guests is to give them fancy cocktail kits consisting of a bottle of champagne with the name of the bride and the groom engraved on it. To make all the ladies happy, gift them luxurious, personalised cosmetic bags consisting of small bottle of perfumes or a mini makeup set. If you’re planning a more traditional, Indian wedding, then think about giving your guests small rustic boxes with a pair of hand embroidered bangles or beautiful Benarasi dupattas.

While giving out invitations, consider gifting exclusive sarees for a few close friends and family members. Whether it’s a Western or an Indian event, a great idea to truly win the hearts of your guests is to send them off with premium roses that last for upto three years. Add a personalised touch to this by printing the names of the bride and groom on all the boxes which will be handed over to your friends and family. You can also give branded stoles or beautiful silver trays; silver jewellery has become quite popular these days for gifting along with the invitations.

At the wedding too, people always love attention! To make the event more fun, you can hire an artist who will do a portrait of your guests at the wedding.


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No one wants to take home a boring gift, so make sure your guests aren’t tempted to just toss away your gifts. It might be a little difficult to find something that’s useful and unique at the same time. To make it easy for you, just think about everyday items. Artificial jewellery such as earrings or bangles are a great wedding favour. Another unique idea is to give them fancy glass boxes. You can fill these boxes with wedding invitations and give them out while distributing the cards. For the ladies, you could give some beautiful vintage themed bird-cages or suitcase-favoured boxes with beauty essentials like body creams and shower gels. You can also give them beauty essentials in lovely traditional pouches if you are planning an Indian wedding.

A lot of your guests will  either be a tea or a coffee lover, so why not gift them a personalised bag of freshly ground coffee beans or a teapot set. This is a useful and a unique idea. Are any of your guests nature lovers and have you ever thought about gifting plants? A plant-inspired wedding gift is a fabulous idea, as your guests will remember your special day for many years.

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Edible Favours


Instead of gifting your guests trinkets that are likely to lie in the corner of their house, consider giving them edible favours, which they won’t be able to resist digging into. Finger-licking cupcakes, delicious chocolates and so on… there are quite a few edible presents that can be given. French macaroons are one of the favourite wedding favours. You can give a few varieties of these cookies in beautiful boxes with a cute thank-you note. Those who have a sweet tooth will surely love to indulge in some cream-filled donuts or customised cupcakes in unique flavours. Place the donuts or cupcakes in fancy gift boxes and give them to a few of your close friends at the end of a fun-filled night. Snacks like s’mores and cookies are perfect edible gifts, especially for an outdoor wedding. Give in to the sugar rush and let everyone enjoy the fun-filled night by hiring a candy floss cart at the venue and give out small bags of candy floss or cotton candy.

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So there you have it. Incorporate some of these interesting favours into your wedding, and show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance. They’ll return home with beautiful memories of your big day!   

-Akhila Kakarala
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