Wedding Faux Pas to Avoid this Wedding Season

Not everybody is well versed and up-to-date with the changing trends in fashion, and unfortunately, many end up making fashion faux pas while following trends blindly. While a fashion blunder might be acceptable at home, making a blooper while at a wedding, where there are several eyes on you, can have consequences. Designer Kavita Gupta from Riddhi Creations shares light on how to dress for a wedding this wedding season.

Choose your attire wisely- Always keep in mind the ceremony you are attending and dress accordingly. Avoid wearing heavy attiresfor pre-wedding ceremonies, instead opt for light-wear fabrics with interesting cuts and embroidery. While attending the main wedding, one should avoid wearing a lehengain a shades of red and pink as those are bridal colours, and you don’t want to match or outshine the bride on her special day. Indo western attires like crop top and skirt, anarkalis and sarees are safe options.

Go in for lighter fabrics- Since you will be on your feet for the most part, avoid opting for heavier fabrics. Lighter fabrics will give you ease while walking and dancing.

Avoid wearing whites- Indians consider white to be inauspicious for a wedding so avoid wearing white for the wedding day. It can be worn for pre wedding daytime functions, but it is best to avoid white for night functions.

Avoid too much bling- If you are the bride or very close to the bride or groom, it may be your time to shine, but go easy on the bling if your outfit already has a lot of shine or sequence. Go in for something more subtle with a heavy outfit. However, if your outfit is simple, you can shine with a heavy accessory.

Check the neckline-Weddings are usually family affairs and hence, wearing something too revealing is not a good idea. Keep your neckline in check while attending a wedding. You can try off-shoulder, boat neck, or other simpler styles. You can instead go bold with the back.

Choose the dress as per your size- This is a very important factor while choosing your outfit. Whatever be the occasion, always dress as per your size and figure. If you are on the heavier side, don’t go for fitted dresses or extra voluminous ones as they will not flatter you. Instead, go in for something that will flaunt your curves or hide them altogether. Similarly, if you are on the leaner side, don’t go for baggy styles that will make you look fragile. Instead, accentuate your figure with fitted or voluminous styles.

Avoid over accessorising- People nowadays accessorize their outfit not just with jewellery but with belts, jackets or capes too! But before you decide to do the same, ask your designer if it would look good on the outfit and on you, as what looks good on others might not look good on you.

Follow these tips and you might save yourself from getting caught by the fashion police!