Website To Showcase The Talent Of Japan’s Craftsmanship

In order to make information from every corner of the world accessible and useful, world’s leading internet search engine Google is constantly innovating by introducing new projects and applications. As part of the Art and Culture, a global scale project, the company has launched a website which aims to spread awareness about Japanese craftsmanship.

Google has collaborated with students from Kyoto University to create a website that introduces Japan’s art work to the world, by showcasing 140 traditional items made by various craftsmen from 47 prefectures in Japanese and English. From Kyoto Prefecture and Saga Prefecture the website features Nishijin brocade and Arita porcelain ware. This new website includes photographs, movies and texts to demonstrate the phenomenal work done by various Japanese artists.

Porcelin Japan

One of the movies on the website depicts the artist Seizo Tanigawa making a mouthpiece of a kiseru pipe. According to, a student who edited and designed the website said “We worked hard to create the website using smart, stylish images and atmospheres just like those in fashion magazines, We hope visitors to the site will appreciate how wonderful Japanese craftworks are”.

-Akhila Kakarala with inputs from
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