Ways to work productively from home during COVID-19 quarantine

As the coronavirus has been spreading in several countries and affecting the lively hood of millions of people across the nation, citizens are forced to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. With the shelter in house initiative, several people are forced to work from home. For those of you who have not worked from home, at first it might seem difficult to work productively especially those trying to tackle team meetings but after all it is not that difficult.

Here are some effective ways to improve your work productivity from the comfort of your home:

1. Set a daily routine- Setting a daily routine is very essential.  Although creating a  routine might seem like a tedious job but  this is a first step to ensuring productivity while working from the comfort of your home. Every morning after you wake up, make a list of tasks that you will be working on and make it a habit to do every day, this way you'll successfully be able to complete the designated work on time. Often times, it might be tempting to give yourself total freedom as to when you can start and end work but setting yourself consistent hours keeps you not only accountable to your boss but to yourself also.

2. Create a work environment at home- Another great tip to make sure your utilizing your time at home by working productively is to create a work environment. Convince your brain to work from a consistent room and desk, so this way your tuning your brain that it is not the time to relax rather to work.  Also try and organise your desk and the surroundings where you plan to work.

3. Dress like a professional-  Even if your working from home and might not be interacting with your colleagues or your clients, it is important to dress like your going to work. Dressing up every morning before you start working tells your brain that its time to work and also it motivates you to work more efficiently.

4. Avoid interactions with your friends and family- While your working at home, try and ask your family and friends to leave you alone as constant interactions might  distract your mind from work. Setting boundaries is very essential while trying to focus on your work.

5. Do not forget to reward yourself- One of the ways to stay motivated and work harder in order to achieve your goals is to reward yourself. Whether it might be at work or at home, make sure to reward yourself once in a while. When your working from home, after accomplishing the given task, indulge in an activity that you like the most  or cook for yourself. Working from home gives you an opportunity to relax and enjoy than your office, so use them to your advantage after your done with your work. Keeping a habit of this, will help you to not only work more successfully but it will also keep you satisfied.

-Akhila kakarala
Pic Courtesy: pixabay.com