Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

Cancer one of the most dreaded diseases which claim many lives every year. There are different types for cancers breast cancer, oral cancer, ovarian cancer and all of these very dangerous. Changing our lifestyles and making healthy choices can help us stay protected and keep cancer at bay, few simple things that must be kept in mind.

Green Vegetables:
Go green..! Fresh and clean green vegetables are the best choice as they are enriched with special compounds which neutralize cancerous chemicals. There are different types of green leafy vegetables like palak, methi, and etc which are very good for the body make sure you consume all these daily to stay fit.

Onion and Garlic:
Onion and garlic contain sulforaphane and indoles which protect the human body against cancer, consuming these everyday helps controlling the risk.

Herbs and Spices:
Most of our Indian spices work as antioxidants to destroy the cancer cell membranes in the body. Having these herbs and spices in our daily diet helps in decreasing acidic levels in body and bringing alkali based ions to the cell.