Watch Vin Diesel Breakdance Back In The 80s

A video of Diesel breakdancing went viral days ago after being shared on Reddit. The throwback video of the 47-year-old actor breakdancing in the 1980's shows the “Furious 7” star wearing a pair of gym pants and sweatshirt with sneakers and bandana, giving a slow motion tutorial on how to execute b-boy moves.

The throwback video came as a surprise even to Diesel, who was the guest at the ‘Live with Kelly and Michael’ show. Reacting to his own video Vin Diesel said, “This was back in the 80s and yes, I used to dance at Columbus Circle and break dance at Washington Park. People know that I was a bouncer, and the real reason I started bouncing was that I loved to dance,” he told the hosts. “I would dance for free in nightclubs and that’s why I wanted to be a dancer. And the only time I ever got in trouble as a dancer was when I was dancing.”

..... Devashree Goenka