Watch The Heartwarming Advert From Pandora

Pandora, the jewelry brand's, new ad with the tag line “All women are unique,” created an ad that captures the unique and magical bond between a mother and her child perfectly.
The adorable and heart-warming advertisement titled The Unique Connection," was uploaded to the official Pandora Youtube channel on April 13 and has already been viewed over half a million times. The ad shows an experiment of six mothers and their children. The children were blindfolded and guided towards the group of women, their mothers, who stand in a line while only using their senses the children are asked to identify his or her mother.


Through hand holding, taps on shoulders and a few quick hugs, the children are able to recognize their moms each time. The moms are understandably overcome with emotion, some crying and others tightly hugging their little ones.

..... Devashree Goenka