The Wardrobe Chronicles with Maanvi Kumari, Varuna D Jani, Maheka Mirpuri, Ami Patel and Richa Kalra

Maanvi Kumari
Known as Rajkumari Maanvi Kumari of Jobat, she is the Head of Marketing at Royal Fables, the country’s heritage platform that promotes rich culture, cuisine, art, and tradition of Princely India. Maanvi is today’s girl who adores vintage as much as distressed denim and T-shirts. “My style is very classic yet trendy. I follow ongoing fashion runways as much as heritage when it comes to my inspiration for fashion.” Cotton and linen are the fabrics that her everyday wardrobe is filled with, other than that mulmul and block printed kurtas to linen pants, shirts and fine jewellery is something she can’t let go. Speaking of preferred eras of closets, Maanvi adds, “The era of pearls-1950 was elegant and being a Rajput hereditary, I can’t help but love pearls and French chiffon. In current time, I would raid my aunt’s (Baijilal Shivranjani Rajye of Jodhpur) closet, which is minimal yet trendy.

Golconda Ring Indeed diamonds are a girl’s best friend! My maternal grandmother (Princess Shailesh Kumari of Jodhpur) gifted me my first solitaire on my 25th birthday.

Poshak My grandmother (Rajmata Shakuntala Devi of Jobat) gifted it to my mother when she got married to my father in her padla- a Rajput tradition of gifting the new bride a family heirloom. I got lucky with this one as the lehenga fit me sooner than my mom thought.

Tissue Saree with Pure border This is not just a saree but a legacy; four generations have worn it.

Chanel watch My uncle (Maharaj Maheshwar Singh of Banswara) gifted this out of the blue with a warm note of appreciation. I wouldn’t part ways with this one in my entire life.

Christian Louboutin Heels The fact that I bought this from my first job at Issey Miyake in New York makes it a special one for me.

Varuna D Jani
An adornologist, Varuna D Jani says jewellery has been an important aspect of life as long as she can recall. Varuna creates jewellery and believes in adorning a woman with her craft. “What a frame does to a picture, for me, jewellery does the same to a woman, it enhances her personality,” adds Varuna. In her everyday life, Varuna likes luxury and sophistication in her wardrobe. “I need to stand out in the crowd when it comes to my look; my style has to speak for me.” Besides jewellery, Varuna loves makeup; she prefers putting in on every day yet not making it over the top. She admires Natasha Poonawalla’s style quotient that has a dramatic yet statement look. Varuna loves to splurge on a good pair of earrings that suit her personality, speak her style and can be used for years to come. “I would love to go back to the Gatsby Era, for its sophistication and grace.”

Bulgari Serpenti Watch My daughter gifted it to me. I always wanted to buy a showstopper watch and wished of something luxurious, versatile and has style quotient.

Issey Miyake Jacket A companion for eight years now, this piece makes me feel powerful and boosts that confidence.

Oscar de la Venta Outfit This was a love at first sight. I wore it for my 50th birthday, and as I walked wearing it, everyone was looking at me and couldn’t take their eyes off me.

Bottega Veneta Sling Bag I am a person who loves wearing monochromatic outfits, and this clutch has added charm to most of my traditional outfits.

Varuna D Jani Choker It’s one of my collections that I created for my 50th birthday. Even though I couldn’t wear it on that day, I cherish it a lot as it’s something that I created for myself.

Maheka Mirpuri
Maheka Mirpuri wears many hats - fashion designer, jewelry designer, fitness enthusiast, themed event planner and designer, and a passionate philanthropist. For the designer, what started as a passion soon grew to become her profession with the launch of her couture-de-salon, Mumbai’s only “By Appointment” fashion atelier. Fashion is something Maheka is passionate about. She would like to raid Sarah Jessica Parker’s closet, as it’s fashionable, edgy, and syncs with her style. The designer loves to splurge on items that have repeat value and classy like statement dress, limited edition shawl or chunky jewellery. “Dressing up is part of my personality. It’s a normal norm and comes with utmost ease to me. I dress for myself; I like it edgy but fashionable... classy yet strong,” she states. Maheka adores Paris, “Today almost all famous fashion houses have their marks in Paris. It’s a global triangle, from a shopping district to even a Vintage. Paris has it all!” 

Roberto Cavalli Cuff It is very sentimental because my mother gifted it to me. I will value this gesture and love it forever.

SS20: Rainforest Escape Collection Denim Jacket This jacket was one of the first of this collection hand-painted by me. The canvas reflected my current mood, and I enjoyed spending a lot of my time creating this.

White Sneakers A valentine gift by my husband, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. This pair goes with everything.

Dior Bag It was on my last trip to Miami; I had saved all my money to buy this one special edition bag. On the last day of my trip, the Dior manager called me saying they had just received my colour. It was a dream come true moment!

Chanel Beret This beret takes me back in time when I was in London, a magical festive era that I would love to spend every season in.

Ami Patel
“If I could travel back to one era, it’s going to be the 1960s. I love that era as it was the birth of pop-culture and I would love to wear clothes inspired from that period,” said Ami Patel, a fashion director turned celebrity stylist who believes in the idea of making the other person look amazing and reflect their personality with her work. Ami defines her style as basic, classic, and timeless. “My wardrobe is filled with statement pieces that have a story in it, and a black tee and jeans are my everyday saviours,” says the former fashion director speaking about her style.

Chanel Flats This one stands special as my sister surprised me with these on my birthday. These easy sliders are an ultimate luxury for me.

Janavi Shawl Something that I’ll always treasure.

Aditi Amin Hoop Earrings I love hoops as they go wonderfully well with my style. These are personalised and a part of my go-to look.

Sabyasachi Saree A beautiful old rose-gold weave that Sabya gifted me on Diwali. I feel this is going to be passed on for generations.

Jade Hand-Embroidered Anarkali It’s really special as I wore it for an auction that I organised for underprivileged children. I consider this to be my lucky outfit as we raised money for the education of almost 500 children.

Richa Kalra
Along with her sister Riya Kalra, Richa co-founded Candyskin - a premium lingerie brand made for women by women that aims at making online lingerie shopping convenient with a personal touch. “I continue to reinvent the intimate category with one goal in mind, to design and redesign the underwear that provides utmost comfort,” says the founder. Richa’s style is casual yet chic, a mix of dressy elements like tailored pants or a feminine blouse with something informal as a pair of jeans. “I’d ask Olivier Rousteing to create a few specific to me and my personality to add some beauties to my wardrobe.” She wants to go back in the era of Audrey Hepburn, 1950’s, and also Jackie O! “The little black dresses, embellishing the outfits with hats and accessories, the big glasses; everything was the best about the ’50s.” Give Richa good fitted denim and a classy shirt paired with sneakers, she’s good to go!

Black Burberry Trench Coat This has been my favorite and the most convenient trench since 2006. I’ve been loyal to Burberry trenches ever since I went to university; it wraps around you well.

Dita Classic Aviators I prefer Dita as it adds that vintage look in a very glamorous way on me. Plus, it’s very chic!

Chanel Boy Black Leather Bag This bag is my BFF; it goes with everything and anything. Be it meetings or a catch up for lunch with my girlfriends; it’s just perfect.

Adriano Goldschmied Denim This high rise pair of denim from Adriano Goldschmied makes me feel super comfortable and I haven’t ever come across anything better than these.

Gucci White Sneakers To me these are the world’s most comfortable footwear. From my work jeans to my brunch   dresses these go with all!