Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Isabel Westwood was born in 1941, in England. Although the creative genius needs no introduction, she is a fashion designer who has been accredited to being responsible for incorporating punk and new wave fashions into her designs. Her journey started with her relationship with Malcolm McLaren – manager of one of the biggest punk bands of all time, The Sex Pistols, who shot up the couple’s popularity by donning their creations during performances. Their edgy and unique style garnered much attention, and they soon became the voice of the youth.

The two lived together, where Malcolm designed, while Vivienne brought his visions to life by crafting them. Westwood was arguably one of the biggest factors that spread punk culture throughout the world around the 1970s. She even revealed that she is ‘messianic about punk’ and wants to see if ‘one could put a spoke in the system’. She continued to release masterpiece after masterpiece even though her relationship with McLaren ended and maintained that he was the main inspiration behind her creativity. Her provocative style offered many, but also appealed to the younger crowd in a way that many other top-end designers had failed to. She let her clothes speak for themselves and paid no attention to the negative outbursts of society. This cemented her image as a rebellious and risqué creator, which was never done on such a large scale before.  

She soon built her eponymous label which now produces two menswear collections and three women’s wear collections annually, while also offering many other products such as ties, scarves, hosiery, shoes, bridal trousseau, cosmetics, and perfumes. Some of her most iconic creations include the mini-crini of the 1980s, the frayed tulle and a tweed suit from 1990, and her daring lingerie pieces she made bold statements with. Her faith in her work is shown in her fearlessness to explore and experiment, presenting herself to the world without any hesitation. She has been revered for being unapologetic and brave throughout her career, as she continues to be even today. Many celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Helena Bonham Carter, Priyanka Chopra, and Zendaya have been spotted in her creations. It’s no wonder that British designer Jasper Conran once said, “Vivienne does, and others follow.”  We couldn’t agree more!      

– Rubaina