Vivamayr Comes To Hyderabad

The vivamayr team will be visiting hyderabad during November 28, 29, and 30. For medical consultations during these days kindly contact vishwaveer singh 98330 64796 or Olga Brown 99633 25823

Generally speaking which are the most popular treatments that people come to you for?
Our patient/guests visit VIVAMAYR because of two main reasons, they want to gain health or they want to remain healthy. VIVAMAYR is offering the fusion of diagnostic and therapy with Modern Mayr Medicine, Homoeopathy, Functional Myodiagnostic, orthomolecular Medicine and knowledge in classic western medicine. This enables us to improvetheir health and teaches our guests a realistic way of how to remain sustainable health.

Is weight reduction a big part of these programs?
Weight loss comes automatically and is result of the body developing closer to its ideal state of health, during the stay. Most important, his VIVAMAYR stay is used by our body’s metabolism as an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate. With this it gets back to the strength regenerating for the following months at home – sustainable care for diabetes, arthrosis, fibromyalgia, migraine, high blood pressure and many more diseases are treated at VIVAMAYR.

Many of our modern civilisations diseases such as depression, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and arthritis are based on inflammatory process run by the immune system. Growing old is based on the increasing number of inflammation in a body – explaining why some of us grow older quicker than others. More than 2/3rd of our immune system is located in the intestine, it is holding the biggest surface of our body (almost the size of a football pitch) and the gut´s number of nerve cells is as high as the brain. To clean and rebalance the gastrointestinal system makes people feel happier, look younger, be more creative and efficient, keeping them healthier than the average. Weight loss is then just a side-effect.

What is the optimum number of days one should allot for a detox treatment here?
Three weeks are optimum. Two weeks are good and one week very challenging. What we offer is not a delightful and relaxing holiday but hard work for our client’s metabolism combined very often with initial challenges (fatigue, head ache etc). To experience the optimum change during the stay, it needs more than seven days – very similar to a real Ayurveda detox retreat. Our staff is trained and focused on supporting our clients in any condition and to assist whenever it is necessary.

What kind of food can one expect here. Normal stuff or always special diet kind?
The individualized diet’s main focus is to offer an easy to digest, rich in nutrition and free of allergens or disturbing ingredient´s meal. All ingredients are locally sourced. Some guests follow a strict diet based on their religion and culture that is respected by VIVAMAYR and prepared accordingly based on Modern Mayr Medicine. With the Functional Myodiagnostic according to Applied Kinesiology and modern laboratory diagnostic, we identify digestive Insufficiencies and food allergies.

Are there many Indians using your facility?
We have recently had an increase in Indian visitors and are enjoying welcoming them to both are properties in Altaussee and Maria Worth.

To finish with our golden VIVAMAYR rules:
The golden VIVAMAYR rules are actually very simple:

  1. Eat and enjoy your meals with awareness and time – Mindful eating, if there is no time to eat – don´t eat.
  2. Chew every bite 20-30 times minimum
  3. Satisfy your thirst between the meals with water, not with your meal
  4. No raw food after 4:00 PM
  5. Stop eating the moment you feel satisfied and honour your bodies symptoms as you should honour the food you eat.