Vinita Surana - Vinvin Situation

The captivating Vinita Surana is the founder of Vinvin Situation and the executive director of the Surana Group of Companies. Having done her MBA at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in the US, she also obtained an MSc degree from Manchester Business School in the UK.

Tell us about Vinvin Situation.
Vinvin Situation is coaching platform that will help you take your personal and professional life to the next level. Our intention is to coach smart people, who already know (or have an idea about) what they want in life, and we facilitate the journey, by bridging the gap between theory and reality through self-awareness and self-reflection practices. Our clients range from start-up founders to veteran entrepreneurs, corporate women to homemakers, and college undergrads to Ivy League grads. We cater to a broad spectrum, as the principles we adhere to apply to anyone looking for an upgrade in their lives.

Why is yoga so important to you?
For me, yoga is not just a workout to keep my body fit or weight in check; it is more like a spiritual practice where I constantly strive to bring my body, mind, and soul into alignment. It’s my lifestyle – the way I live my life. It has taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect pose, but rather a consistent effort of being non-violent to yourself, accepting where I am, and joyfully moving towards where I want to be. There are so many lessons from the mat that you can bring into your daily lives. Yoga is not only what you practice on the mat, but what you do after you get off it.

What sort of busy challenges you’ve faced in your industry?
India is slowly waking up to the coaching industry. Most people still view it as a non-essential expenditure, and only invest in it when they face a tough situation. That’s been our main challenge. On top of that, people view me as a serial entrepreneur, or coming from a well-established business background, so they never take the financial compensation seriously. Confidentiality and change management has been another challenge, and I also had to overcome challenges related to my personality and age. I am fairly young in this industry, and had to work hard to prove my credibility.

Being part of a family-run business is quite different from running your own. Which do you prefer?
Being a part of such a big legacy is a blessing, and I don’t take my responsibility lightly, or for granted, even for a day. I still wear both the hats. I have a full-time job with my family business, which is primarily into solar, real estate and metals. Coaching is definitely born out of passion. I remember, a few years back, I started getting invited as a keynote speaker to colleges, corporates and business conclaves, and it was the most exciting thing ever. So, I absolutely love juggling both my responsibilities. It gives me so much to wake up to every morning.

With such a busy schedule and so many things to do, how do you find time for yourself?
I have a non-negotiable morning routine, whether I am travelling, whether I have the biggest event of the year to attend to, or whether I am not feeling well. Every morning, I do a little journaling, while having warm peppermint tea, some incense, yoga or meditation sometimes, and read something philosophical. This time of the day is all mine; it’s my favourite part – before it gets all crazy.

What are your future plans?
I think that the most selfless thing to do is to help others, create a product or service that helps people live better, or be their ray of hope or their voice when they can’t find one. I am definitely looking at great expansion plans for the Vinvin Situation coaching space, and the new co-working space. Surana Group’s brand positioning has been my top priority for a while, and I’m looking at a lot of aggressive collaborations, new initiatives, and giving back to our employees, clients, and the environment.

What’s your advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there?
Fail big, and fail miserably! Let others pull you down, and throw you in uncertain territories, so that you can use it as the fuel for your fire! Let the world shatter you, and if you still survive, you know you are stronger and smarter than yesterday; and when you have the courage to fail, you can have the muscle to win. Ditch the nonsense; you are capable beyond measure, and beyond your imagination!     - Devanshi