Vela by Gianmarco Cardia

Gianmarco Cardia happens to be one of the most talented yacht designers, currently. The young prodigy recently unveiled his newest creation, Vela, which is a new and stunning yacht concept that utilises the infamous Dyna Rig sails. It is deemed as a distinctive because a yacht designer rarely uses these sails in his or her designs. They are currently seen on very few yachts, such as the Black Pearl or the Maltese Falcon. Cardia has not only used the sails in his design but has also made them dual purpose - part of these majestic sails can also be used as a screen for a jaw-dropping outdoor cinema!

Vela is also very strong, carrying 1,850 square metres of just sails. The ship also boasts of hybrid propulsion to reduce pollution! The interiors come with four cabins along with a master bedroom, a wellness area with a gym, a relaxing spa, and a beach club that features a bar, and lounges for soaking up the sun. The 80-metre-long beast can hold up to 10 guests; so grab your closest friends and sail off into the sunset!  -