Valentine's Red Velvet treat

Make this Valentine’s Day special for your loved ones; give that special red velvet sweet treat to make your day the most memorable one. Red velvet is one of the most famous and popular variety of cakes made with butter milk and a hint of cocoa powder and splash of red food coloring. This cake is usually topped with creamy cream cheese frosting with a hint of vanilla.
Red velvet cupcakes:

The mini version of classic red velvet cake is known as red velvet cupcake, handmade red vanilla sponge with a hint of cocoa powder and the flavour from the tangy buttermilk makes these cupcakes world famous, apart from the moist cake these are famous for its creamy frosting called the cream cheese frosting.

Red velvet cakes:

The stunning and most beautiful red velvet cake crabs everyone’s attention for its rosy red complexion and traditional creamy white frosting. Red velvet cake is traditionally prepared as a layered cake where two or three cake layers and sandwiched together with the creamy frosting.

Red velvet cheesecake brownies:

Yet another lip smacking variety of red velvet is the red velvet cream cheese brownie. Moist dense brownies with slightly chocolaty red velvet brownies have a delectable swirl of thick cream cheese filling inside it.  

We love recipes from Betty Crocker and Nigella Lawson so why not give one of them a try this Valentine’s.