Vaastu Tips For A Healthy You

We all know that ‘health is wealth’ but sometimes a lot of wealth is spent to maintain health. Despite this, many a times a people suffer from untreatable diseases for life. It is said that the Vaastu of a house has a lot to do with the health of the person. If the Vaastu of the house is not proper, then it might lead to severe health conditions and unavoidable expenditure on medicines. If there is any such issue going on with you, then follow these simple Vaastu tips provided by Dr Acharya Vinod Kumar Ojha.

Direction is Important

Direction plays a very important role in maintaining good health. Always sleep facing towards the south for a healthy and peaceful life.

Take a healthy step

Strange but true, staircase plays a vital role in your overall health. A staircase should be constructed in the side of the house and not in the centre. A staircase in the centre of the house is not considered good as per Vaastu and hence can lead to serious health issues.

Avoid Clutter

The centre of the house should not be cluttered with heavy furniture; instead it should be kept vacant. This will ensure flow of energy in the house. A house with no vacant or less vacant space will obstruct the flow of energy and hence can lead to negativity. If you can see, old houses were constructed with an open veranda for free flow of energy.

Keep space for God

A house should have a temple inside it which will welcome positivity and clear all the negativity of the house.

Checking the fireplace

Fire God is worshipped in our tradition and that is why it is important to take note of placement of fire elements like stove, gas, or any other. It is said that the fireplace has a direct connect with health conditions of the family members and hence they should be place in Southeast or Northwest direction only.

Entrance is Essential

One of the main and crucial things to keep in mind is the entrance of the home. Avoid placing plants like cactus at the entrance of the house and plant citrus fruits, if possible, to attract good health and positive vibes. Also, the surroundings of the home and the main gate should be of the same height.

Idol of Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman is the protector and saves from any evil. Place an image of Lord Hanuman in the South to call for good health for you and your family members.      - Pic credit:

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