The Unending Wait

The world is out there, waiting to be explored, (but not right now!) We can agree that there are a few places that are worth visiting more than others. A few of these places just seem to transcend time, and are surely the perfect place to get rid of all your lockdown stress! If ever you’ll find yourself surrounded by things that take you back centuries, or possibly millennia, it might just be here. On the other hand, if you want to feel like you’ve left the present far behind, and wish to view a stunning glimpse of the future, we have that too. Take a look at these dream destinations where all your stars will align for the perfect experience, with snippets of modernity, history, culture and a unique character, all of their own, together.

Havana, Ooh Na-Na!
This capital of Cuba is packed with such great history, that in a few places, time just seems to flow backwards. The Old Havana is striking with its parks and fields full of boys practising for potential careers in baseball, rows of classy vintage cars, and lanes of apartments with their homemade Cuban flags. On the other hand, the modern side of Havana has many cafés and restaurants, museums, architecture, magnificent street art, and mass transit. It is one of those cities that exude a sense of timelessness about it.

While it’s relatively easy to get a visa for Cuba, be smart when you pack. The customs officials go through every visitor rather slowly, so you might be in for a lengthy wait to claim your baggage while exiting the airport.

Home to descendants of hundreds and thousands of Chinese slaves, Havana also has a lovely and lively Chinatown full of social, cultural, and amazing culinary wonders. If you’re wondering, yes, we’ll get straight to the point – Cuban cigars and rum are available easily, but remember to avoid the street vendors. Just sit and enjoy a smoke, a great peg of rum, and enjoy the sunset overlooking the Old Havana.

Mystical Morocco
There are few destinations as memorable, magical, and positively mesmerizing as Morocco.Along with France and Spain, it’s one of the three nations to have the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts both. With quite dominant North African cultures all through history, Morocco has a great legacy of independence that the neighbouring countries don’t. Today, with modern cities like Casablanca (the largest), Rabat (the political capital), Marrakech (the most famous), and Salé, it’s a developing city. A land of hypnotic scenery and untold mystique combined with highly progressive development, Morocco can be visited for an experience of the past century, with its historical monuments. For modern landscapes, you can easily head to the centre of a city for modern amenities and brands. Even with its long-drawn history of independence, Morocco remains to possess a strong French influence apparent in its culture, cuisine, and infrastructure.

With some of the most beautiful desert roads in the world, Morocco exemplifies your idea of beauty with the solitude and peace of being the only living soul for miles and miles.

Unlike the cities, the rural areas are severely lacking fuel and electricity. So if you are venturing beyond the cities, make sure you plan everything in time, and that you can call for help if required.

Picturesque Prague
A spectacular historic city in Europe, and the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague was the historical seat of the Bohemia, and also the two-time capital of the Holy Roman Empire. As a global city, it has everything that makes it the hub of human culture, ranging from art, history, dining, commerce, entertainment, recreation, education, science, and much more.

The striking town has architectural styles ranging from Gothic to neo-Classical, so is it a surprise that Prague is the fifth most-visited European city after London, Paris, Rome and Istanbul? Swimming in history, the different parts of the city bear testament to various eras and epochs, including the Romans, the Habsburgs, and the Bohemians. Unlike the other global cities, Prague’s centre is quite extensive to be considered a city on its own and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Additionally, ten of the top 100 museums in the world are in Prague, which makes it a must-visit location for all the art and history connoisseurs and aficionados!