The Undying Legacy of Princess Diana

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Princess Diana remains one public figure who has managed to reign over hearts even decades after she passed away. The most loved princess who had an irreducible magnificence, Lady Di was known for supporting more than 100 charities and was a crucial figurehead in lifting the stigma once associated with AIDS and HIV victims. The world is still fascinated with her life, beauty and charity work. On our Cover, we have the humanitarian, philanthropist, an amazing mother and of course, a style icon to commemorate her 60th birth anniversary. In our Cover Story, we have collected special facts about the most loved People’s Princess.

For as long as Indian royals have existed, Maharajas and Maharanis have accumulated art. From sculptures to paintings, crowns to carriages, Indian monarchies have amassed some of the most notable art collections in history. Though the full gamut might seem overwhelming, our Feature Story is a compilation of Indian Royals and some of their most famous art pieces. And in our Special Feature, we have focused on the fabulous lives of the royals.

Becoming a full-time wildlife photographer is the pipe dream for many an amateur, and for most, that’s all it remains, a dream. For some though, the dream isn’t enough, and Shaaz Jung is one such photographer. Stopover at People in Focus, where we chat with the powerhouse of talent who, apart from being a professional wildlife photographer, is a cinematographer and a big cat specialist. We also talk to Rajlakshmi V Patil, who at 17, is an inspiring figure. An author and environmentalist, Rajlakshmi is dedicated to push and raise awareness and come up with better ways for people to get involved.

In true royal fashion, the British monarchy has a home for just about every occasion. In this month’s Sensational Spaces, we bring you a list of the five most luxurious residences owned by the British royals, including residences covering over 19,000 acres and monumental memories. Also check our interesting Mind & Body, where from different rituals, lotions and serums we share ten beauty secrets of the royals.

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