Undo the damage caused by prolonged sitting

After millions of years of physical evolution, modern humans have a body millions died for – quite literally. However, these days most urbanites are sitting on office chairs for long hours, leading to a sedentary lifestyle our bodies were not designed for.Millennials and Gen-Z are accumulating calories, suffering from weak bones, cardiovascular problems and diabetes more than ever before due to long sitting hours.

There are three parts to achieve good health – mental wellness, balanced diet and physical movement. Most of us often struggle with the last – physical movement. 
For office-goers, we recommend a minimum of 20 minutes of daily exercise.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate work-out with fancy equipment. One just needs to find out what works best for them.

Top tips:

•    If you go to work via public transport, try to include a walk to your stop.

•    Simple tricks like multiple trips to a water cooler to quench thirst can help you increase your steps and thereby exercising your body.

•    Regular stretching and flexing can help one keep their joints and muscles in a healthy condition.

•    Ditch chairs sometimes and sit on a swiss ball as it helps in building a strong core.

•    Use a standing bench once in a while to keep up the leg movement.

•    Try and sit in an Asian squat position to keep your joints in motion.

We urge people to be watchful of their posture while sitting in an office chair. Sitting upright and avoiding a sluggish position is what he advises people who have to sit in the office all day.

Pic: Pexels