Two Halves of a Whole - Dheer and Dar Gai Momaya

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December is here, and with it comes the holiday season! Yes, it’s the most loved time of the year, when everything is painted red and green and sparkling with lights! This season of joy, we bring to you some interesting stories about Christmas and the various beliefs and opinions that revolve around it in Feature Story. While this month is really exciting because of the holidays, it’s also a favourite time of year for lots of music lovers- it’s when many music festivals are held! And honestly, who doesn’t love a good music festival? The open-air stages, glow sticks galore, and just the idea of stellar live performances for days on end is the ultimate recipe for an awesome weekend! In the Feature Story, we’ve also curated a list of the best upcoming music festivals in the country for you to attend this holiday season.

This brings us to Mind & Body. Some say that music is basically just some noise that you like. Whether you listen to it when you’re driving, working, working-out, or while falling asleep, music is an important part of our everyday lives. In these pages, you’ll find a few songs that are proven by science to help you calm down and relax.

The couple gracing our cover this month began their journey together by producing television commercials and low-budget music videos, and moved on to releasing major feature films like Teen Aur Aadha and Namdev Bhau. Dheer and Dar Gai Momaya have travelled the world together, became best friends and even came to be each other’s support systems. The dreamy duo gives us a glimpse into their marriage and shares some interesting anecdotes of their work and love life.

In People in Focus, we have Aarti Gupta Surendranath and Kunwarani Ritu Sinhji. The former has helped build various brands with her creative styling talent alongside her husband, Kailash Surendranath and the latter is a successful model who started an eponymous fashion line, Kunwarani Ritu. They talk about their work, achievements, and more!

Grand Getaways has got you covered for planning your year-end vacation.  You don’t have to rack your brain about the best place to visit this winter, because we’ve featured the top four places in the world to visit during this month!

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